Dallas Cowboys stars Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott are usually as thick as thieves. 

They are the face of the Cowboys, and have always seemed to be on the same page. 

Now it appears the two may no longer be getting along. At this current moment, the Dallas Cowboys running back is no longer following his Quarterback on Instagram. 

However Dak is still following Ezekiel. 

Could it be over the fallout of the Las Vegas incident we broke? 

The two were spotted partying in Vegas after their season ended.

And they even got involved in some controversy. 

Dak later denied even being involved. 

Drai’s later released an exclusive statement for us to post: 

This could be the reason Zeke is no longer following Dak, or it could be over Dak’s upcoming contract, and the money they’ll both be making in comparison to one another. 

For the moment there’s something going on between these two. 

Check out the dynamic duo in happier times below: 

The Cowboys have no chance of ever winning if these two are beefing. 

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