A Change.org petition has popped up on the internet asking all the performers scheduled for the Superbowl performance to take a knee during the halftime show. 

The Super Bowl will happen on February 3rd, at which point we’ll see if they take a knee. 

Via Change.org

As you know, Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi will all perform at the Super Bowl halftime show; despite celebrities like Rihanna, Jay-Z, Amy Schumer and Cardi B paving the road for a boycott; despite outraged fans on Twitter; despite our nearly 85,000 signatures asking them not to play.

It appears these artists aren’t backing out at this point. So now what? There’s one way they can still redeem their reputation with their fans. Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi: take a knee during your set. Show the hundreds of millions of people watching that you stand in solidarity with Kaepernick and all players who protest police brutality.

Use this opportunity to force the NFL to change their policy. If your wondering if we’ve had an impact, just take a look at the media coverage of this announcement. Our signatures are all over the story of the Super Bowl halftime show. It was difficult for Maroon 5 to find anyone to play with them.

Travis Scott made the NFL match a $500,000 donation to a social justice organization to make it OK for him to perform. (It’s not.) The halftime show is forever changed, thanks to the conversation we helped create. Never forget this as we move forward.

The petition has collected nearly 85,000 signatures, it’s goal is 150,000. 

Not sure what happens when the goal is reached. 

These “artists” are purely about the $$. Although the  claim is the halftime show is unpaid, but we know it helps with their downloads, sales, etc. 

No chance they’re going to kneel. 

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