While the news nationally is grim, there’s some cause for optimism.

A top researcher at UPMC says social distancing is working, although this is no time to loosen up.

“What we’re doing is working,” says UPMC Dr. John Williams.

Dr. Williams has been researching the local spread of the coronavirus and says social distancing is keeping our case numbers relatively low compared with hot spots like New York and New Orleans.

“The rate of new cases is not really going up,” he says. “The rate of new cases is remaining pretty steady.”

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“This is really important because it means what we’re doing right now is working. This means that our leaders in the health department, the mayor, governor, everybody — the social distancing we’re doing, we started doing it in time, and it’s working.”

“Right now we’re not seeing an exponential increase which unfortunately so many citizens around our country are.”

The good doctor then took a shot at the the Bengals while continuing to address social distancing. 

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