8-Ball Pool is the most popular kind of online pool and the game’s most incredible variant.

You may play a completely free 8-Ball Pool game online without a six-pocket table or cue stick. Now you can practice your skills against a computer opponent.

Pool Cash – as cash is referred to in 8 ball pool online – is much more difficult to acquire than coins, yet it is necessary for various purposes.

This article is here for you to bring some light on the subject and show you all the ways you can earn Pool Cash for free (without paying anything) and some advice on how to get maximum bucks by using it wisely.


Setup is very straightforward in terms of websites: download the apk from the game’s website. When you launch the program, you may log in, in a variety of ways; nothing unique. You may sign in as a guest with your Google or Facebook account (more on the FB option later).

Once within the game, you’re offered a variety of alternatives to explore. You may choose from the following playing options:

  • One against one (random pairing with a human player)
  • Special Game (tournaments, although entry to this mode requires a minimum player level)
  • Ball No. 9
  • Miniature games (pretty basic games of chance with the object of gaining more coins for in-game upgrades)
  • Play with Friends – Signing in with your Facebook account enables you to build a ‘friends’ list from which you can quickly request games with individuals you know. An excellent option for playing against strangers from all around the globe.

Playing 8 Ball Pool is a stress buster for individuals of all age ranges


How to play the game?

In general, players immediately opt for the 1-on-1 mode, where you’ll be paired up with a random stranger to prove your mettle. This short article will not go into the details of pool rules; if you’re still reading, you must be comfortable with the in and outs of the game.

Before playing, you’ll be asked to stake a specific sum of money, ensuring that you have some edge in the game when you face off against your opponent.

All 8 Ball Pool online games have controls that are relatively straightforward. When your turn comes, you control your cue by swiping your finger over it to match it with the cue ball. There is an alignment guide that assists you in dialling in the angle at which you want to hit your target ball into the desired pocket.

Additionally, you may tap a cue symbol to see a bigger version of your cue ball’s face, enabling you to feel the placement of your cue on the ball as you hit it. Finally, on the left is a power meter. Retrace your steps and release them at the place where you believe the prime power level is located.

If you miss, it is now your opponent’s turn. And so on.

In an 8 ball pool online game, players are classified as “solids” or “stripes,” with seven balls to put away. After that, you may attempt to pocket the 8-ball. The player who collects all seven balls plus the neutral 8-ball is the winner.

You attempt to pocket balls in numerical sequence in a 9-ball pool (1, 2, 3, etc.) The balls between 1 to 9 are used exclusively. As both players attempt to pocket the identical balls, no player ‘owns’ any of the balls on the table. If you’re on the 7-ball, for example, you miss, it’s your opponent’s turn to pocket it. The player who pockets the 9-ball is declared the winner.

If you win, you get coins to spend on cue improvements and other game-related items. This is the standard in-game swag.


Some major gaming sites like GetMega have 24-hour leaderboards for Card and Casual Games such as Poker, Rummy, Carrom, and GoPro. The leaderboards are task and victory-based, which means that you may climb the leaderboard by winning or just playing. Hourly (dubbed flash leaderboards), daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards are also available.

Players with a rank of up to ten, i.e. position ten, can earn leaderboard rewards. Access to these leaderboards is either free or paid, depending on the leaderboard you choose. Each week, players may win up to 100,000 from the leaderboard, in addition to enticing gadgets such as a gold coin, a mobile phone, and more.

Sites like GetMega’s design is straightforward, making it simple for users to engage with the games and earn money.

Summing up

8 ball pool online is unquestionably a low-barrier entry point into a short game of pool, which is a fantastic thing. If you’re seeking to play pool, chances are you’re already familiar with the game and are just looking to get started. 8 ball pool online allows you to enter and play for as long as you want.

There isn’t much to criticize here. Playing the game on a phone-sized device is better since shooting from the table’s edge becomes tiresome as it is not always simple to place the cue stick from the edge.