Nearly seven months since it debuts its IPO, cbdMD, Inc. is still at the center of attention as to who’s the leading brand in the CBD industry. It has since been forging partnerships with strong sports circle and partnering up with pro-athletes and sports superstars such as Bubba Watson, Lolo Jones, Kerri Walsh Jennings among many others. cbdMD has also been actively sponsoring sports athletic events among action sports such as skateboarding, motocross/supercross, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts and UFC.

Last December 19, 2019, President and co-founder of cbdMD, Caryn Dunayer, and UFC superstar, Jorge Masvidal sat down at Cheddar with hosts Kirsten Scholer and Tim Stenovec where they discussed about cbdMD.

Jorge talked about how he trusts this CBD brand more than others. “There’s a lot of CBD going around but a lot of it is not third-party tested. A lot of it doesn’t [even] give half of what they promise,” he says.  “I never had a problem with their products and I just only want to get the best product which I can possibly get my hands on,” he adds.

One of the common reasons athletes are having a hard time recovering is because of their discomfort from pains and aches during practice. “Nobody suffers more bumps and bruises than people in my profession,” Jorge says. Most athletes like Jorge are seeking for natural relief and CBD oil can be an excellent choice since it’s proven to relieve pain and it’s 100% organic.

Jorge also shares his routine with the cbdMD products he currently uses. “I got a routine that I use especially for my hand, I use that [cbdMD Inflammation Cream] often. I have a metal scapular that I just like to put the cream on and I do it. At night time, it’s always my bath bombs, I drop like two in the bathtub and then it sends me off to sleep, I lay in the tub for about 30 to 45 minutes reading and then off to sleep after that,” he explains. A well-rested athlete is a better athlete and Jorge says cbdMD bath bombs are insane. “For me, not everyone is the same [but] I drop two in the bathtub then 30 minutes later, I’m ready to go to sleep,” he shares.

Elsewhere in the interview, Caryn Dunayer talks about cbdMD’s marketing strategy, manufacturing process, and if CBD is safe.

“Working with Jorge, working with other lead athletes, obviously it’s a lot easier to convey that message. If someone’s able to find the relief that they’re looking for, competing at this level, you know with an all-natural product, it’s easier to convey that to normal consumers that might be looking for relief. So it’s an easy way for us to push along that message and allow people to be more confident when using our products,” Caryn explains. cbdMD not only targets pro-athletes but also the “average road warrior, weekend warrior, stay-at-home moms, people overseas, in combat.” cbdMD is “pretty much designed in a way that we have products that would fit anyone’s needs,” she adds.

What sets cbdMD apart is their rigorous testing throughout the entire manufacturing and production process to ensure nothing but high-quality CBD oil in every batch. “We actually triple test everything,” she guarantees.

Caryn also addresses what investors are missing out on with stocks down at 7%. Caryn thinks they are undervalued. “You know the Brightfield Group, they’re the No. 1 leading analyst in this space from a research standpoint. They just did a survey recently that was published, it said that we were at the Top 20 brands in the United States in the CBD space. We were the No. 1 in unaided brand awareness and also the No. 1 brand in customer satisfaction so we’re doing everything we can from products and research and development, and branding and marketing. The revenue speaks for itself. We’ve continued to have consecutive growth on that point,” Caryn affirms.