There is a piece of excellent news for all the basketball fans in Africa. NBA and FIBA have
announced a partnership which will finally bring a pro league to Africa. This news was released
and published on Saturday. The pro league is to be named The Basketball Africa League
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The announcement has confirmed that the pro league will be held in Africa yet the fans and
followers are awaiting details about the league. Not much information has been made public so
far other than the news that the league will begin in January of the coming year. The NBA and
FIBA also plan to make the league a 12-team one and the teams that wish to compete and
participate in the league will be shortlisted through qualifying matches that will be held
throughout the year.

Basketball fans are highly praising this step and decision. The commissioner also went on and
stated that the goal behind this initiative is to aid the development of the sport. This collaboration
between the NBA and FIBA is being praised and acclaimed by not only the players but by
professionals and teams as well.

Since the collaboration is still in its initial phase, therefore, intricate details, have neither been
finalized nor announced so far. Which leagues will be taking part in the games, the location and
the prize are some of the things that the fans want to know about, but they will have to wait till
the authorities finalize their action plan and share the news.

As soon as this news made its way to the public, not only the basketball fans but the authorities
and even big companies and partners have also shown interest in the league. Authorities openly
stated that this initiative had received a lot of positive response and appreciation and many
companies have shown interest in partnering up with them and making this league a reality.

A video message from Barack Obama was also played on the announcement event in which he
praised the decision. This idea was in the pipelines was nearly seven to eight months, and now
the authorities have finally been able to confirm the league. The league will also be beneficial for
Africa as a country as it will be a source of revenue and sport’s recognition there. Moreover it
will also serve as a golden opportunity to promote peace and harmony amongst countries around
the world via the channel of sports.