Mia Khalifa, once voted Pornhub’s most-watched actress, climbed inside the squared-circle in Austin, Texas last year to confront Pro Wrestler Joey Ryan, and declared wrestling was not a real sport while calling the star a “giant, hairy man-baby”.

Watch below: 

Khalifa just managed to avoid getting to grips with his manhood,  but her security guard was not as lucky.

The footage of her confrontation with Ryan soon went viral, as did a clip of her being slapped in the breasts during an in-ring workout, and the popular indie grappler loved every minute of their segment.

Looks like all the hate was just an act, as Ryan recently confessed. 

Ryan told SportsKeeda:

“She’s really nice. She’s really sweet. She made those comments about professional wrestling and she didn’t expect the backlash that she got because a lot of people don’t realize how big the professional wrestling fanbase is and how it’s not really an underground thing. It’s pretty mainstream.

“She got in the ring a little bit and Sabotage Wrestling was in contact with her and wanted her to do a bit interrupting me in the ring. It was really fun.

“She’s a sweetheart and she owned up to her comments about professional wrestling.

“She learned about it herself which is great because some people just get stubborn with their ideas.

“But she was open to learning about it once she saw the backlash she got for making those comments.”

Mia somehow always stays connected to the sports world

To see more of Mia, check out her gallery below: 

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