Oakland Raiders cornerback Gareon Conley did a Q&A on Valentine’s Day and was asked if he had a Valentine.  He replied by showing a calendar with the word Valentine crossed out.

Conley was then asked if he was single.  He responded by saying, “si.”

The response was surprising to say the least.  Instagram model Emily Huff had just shared a couple of videos of the two of them up close and personal a few days before Valentine’s Day.  In the videos they appear to know each other quite well.

Huff herself seemed to be caught off guard by Conley’s response and posted that her boyfriend said he was single.

Conley could be trying to throw everyone off and is making an attempt to take his relationship with Huff back offline.  Or the fact that she posted the videos to social media in the first place could have caused him to dump her.

Whatever the reason, Conley’s definitely trying to make himself appear to be single, although it’s a little head scratching as to why.

Here is a closer look at Huff and her IG model game.

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