“I struggle because I’ve never been fully accepted by either the black community or the white community,” Miller wrote in a tweeted statement Monday. “I struggle because for years I have been one of the only people of color on my hockey teams. I have been targeted because of my race when I was in youth hockey by some coaches, parents and players, but I refused to give up because of my love for the game.”

“I’ve struggled for months to find the words to express my frustration and anger over the Zoom conference call incident when I was to be introduced after signing my NHL contract,” Miller wrote. “It’s something that I won’t ever forget.”

“You can only imagine how it felt to have an organization like the New York Rangers draft me, the hockey player,” Miller wrote. “For that one moment in time I didn’t have to be defined by the color of my skin but rather on my hockey skills, athletic ability and character. This is how it should be all the time. It’s time for action, time for change and once and for all, it’s time to let black people be judged based on who we are not what we look like.”

He closed his message by saying how he felt to be drafted by the Rangers and his hope that the feeling can be shared by everyone.

Hard enough for him to be black, let alone being a black man in the NHL.  

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