The 2020 NFL Draft class is just around the corner, as the NFL remains as one of the only leagues that refused to cancel its events.

And sure, the league can say that it’s the offseason all it wants, but the reality is that the rest of the world has reacted to the global pandemic, and the league should value the health of its players, coaches and executives more than its revenue. But apparently it does not, as the league’s commissioner and its owners have spoken, refusing to postpone the major event to later in the summer, even though it has a moral obligation to set an example as a worldwide organization that other leagues look up to.

But the show will go on, as scheduled, on April 23, 2020. There’s been advice that the NFL should stick to one round per night (like from this Michigan Lottery Offer), just to make sure the event goes more smoothly — as it’s going to be done via video live stream, with players, coaches and executives all situated in their homes. This has never happened before, and there’s no way to minimize the inevitable slip-ups and shortcomings that will happen. It figures to make sense to have the NFL stick to only one round per night, making the event a week long, but the league refuses to listen to anyone else, nor is it willing to change, well, anything.

So the draft will take place in a few weeks, somehow. And given that the quarterbacks have been drawing the most attention, here are the top signal-callers in the draft — ranked.

4) Jordan Love — The Utah State product has been drawing comparisons to Patrick Mahomes, as he has an unbelievably strong arm, and can make all the throws needed at the pro level without even batting an eyelash. He’s also mobile enough to where he can not only move around in the pocket, but make plays outside of it. Love still has a lot of development needed, though, in terms of how he sees the field, and his accuracy, but he’s a project some team will look to take a chance on in the first round.

3) Tua Tagovailoa — This time last year Tagovailoa could’ve been the top-ranked quarterback in the draft, but his decision to stay at Alabama for another year resulted in him suffering a brutal, season-ending hip injury. It adds to the long list of medical issues, along with his knee and wrist, and cannot be overlooked. It’s unclear how he’ll look after the major surgery he underwent, but the fact remains that he’s unbelievably accurate, and extremely smart, having been coached by Nick Saban.

2) Justin Herbert — Herbert has continued to shoot up draft boards, as he’s saying all the right things, and making all the correct moves. His decision to play in the Senior Bowl was extremely wise, as he was the best player on the field, and really shined. Herbert has a clean injury history and is a big guy, likely able to sit in the pocket and take hits in the NFL, where durability is an issue for many other guys.

1) Joe Burrow — What a year for Burrow, as the LSU product won a national championship just a few months ago, and he’s now set to be the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. The Bengals will likely elect to stick with him — rather than trading down and stockpiling picks — selecting the kid from Ohio to be their franchise quarterback for years to come. He’s going to transfort the franchise that’s been mired in mediocrity, and Bengals fans have a lot to be excited about, as he’s ridiculously accurate, so poised and has the swagger to shine and lead a team at the pro level.