Ravens safety Eric Weddle has a lot riding on Sunday’s game against the Browns.  If Baltimore wins the game, they’re in the playoffs and Weddle takes home some major cash.

Weddle’s contract includes a $1 million bonus if he makes the Pro Bowl and Baltimore makes the playoffs.  He’s already made the Pro Bowl, so all that’s left is to get into the playoffs.


Weddle earns a $1 million incentive if he reaches the Pro Bowl and Baltimore makes the playoffs in the same season. After making his sixth Pro Bowl earlier this month, Weddle only needs the Ravens to defeat the Browns to cash in.

The Ravens’ projected chances are at 82.3 percent, the highest odds for a team not yet in the postseason.

“I would trade one million bucks for a chance at the playoffs any second,” Weddle said. “That’s just where I’m at. It’s not that I don’t appreciate money or how much money it is, but that’s not my incentive to try to go to win.”

Sunday could turn out to be a great day for Weddle.  Obviously making the playoffs is why you play the game, but $1 million dollars is nothing to sneeze at.