Before you look for online casinos for real money offer to read our review.


Some politicians and players still believe that the Internet gambling industry operates in a “Wild West” atmosphere, i.e., in the absence of rules and regulations. In reality, virtual casinos are quickly adopting supervisory procedures similar to those that apply to traditional casinos. All reputable sites are regulated by at least one reputable jurisdiction that oversees the resource and protects players’ consumer rights.

To operate in a particular country, area, or state, sites are increasingly required to obtain local licenses. If you live in one of these areas we will let you know which sites are approved by your local authorities and which ones can still operate outside of this system.

Safety and Security

A major concern for many players is whether their safety and finances will be kept safe at each such site. One important part of the selection process is to ensure that the casinos we recommend use state-of-the-art technology to protect their players at all times. This means they use state-of-the-art encryption standards and store personal information properly to protect you from hackers and identity thieves.

Game Selection

What good is a casino without games? We don’t offer even the best sites on the Internet if they don’t provide players with the options they need. That means we only offer top-notch slot machines (some with large jackpots), as well as the most advanced video poker and table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. It would be even better if the selection of games went beyond this basic collection by offering customers some special options, or if the site offered a live croupier section, where you could play with real people and also watch the results of the table games via video feed.

Variety of Banking Options

Any good site should offer you a range of ways to get your winnings, from e-wallet transfers to bank transfers, cheques, and possibly some other options. For such casinos to be able to claim the title of the best, these cashout methods should also be reliable and fast. Nothing can ruin the casino experience faster than an inexplicable, lengthy wait before you receive your well-deserved winnings.


One of the biggest advantages that gambling sites have over traditional casinos is that they charge less, which means they can give players more money. This is usually done in the form of promotions: players receive deposit bonuses, participate in rewards programs and other incentive initiatives. The best sites offer plenty of rewards and use terms and conditions that are favorable to their players.

Independent Tests

All the sites claim that their games are fair and safe, but it’s very hard for players to test this without starting to spend their money on it. That’s why every self-respecting online casino always states that its games have been tested by an independent laboratory that will issue a certificate confirming that the games are fair. If you don’t see this confirmation on a website, it should make you very wary. We will never recommend such sites to our readers.


This is a slightly more subjective metric, but we also pay a lot of attention to the reputation a site has earned over its lifetime. It is always better when a site has a long track record, but people will also talk about a site that has only been in operation for a few months. And if customers are negative about a particular site, we usually advise them to refrain from playing on such a resource. There are plenty of sites that have been successfully satisfying their customers for a long period, so there’s no reason to use sites that disappoint their visitors.

We look at all the key factors, so we are confident in recommending only the best online casinos. Each of the sites mentioned here (unless otherwise stated) is safe, reliable and, most importantly, will be enjoyable for anyone who wants to try their luck at gambling online. If you want to succeed in the online casino world, any of the sites we give high marks to are a great place to start your gambling career.

Real Money casinos – how to find the best: final verdict 

We draw your attention to these selection criteria, as they are often the main ones. However, one should not forget about the reviews of real players, the mobile app and its characteristics, and what the casino’s policy is towards its customers. The best option for any player would undoubtedly be to find a good review that would mention all of the above criteria and study them already.