Cycling is an excellent endurance sport. It tests your agility, stamina, and determination to finish the course. Cycling events are held during different seasons and have varying difficulty levels like any other sport. Whether you enjoy cycling as a hobby or want to pursue it professionally, events are available. 

There are numerous events held each year for you to explore. However, cycling is a specific sport. You need to have the relevant skillset, experience, and exposure to compete. Gear up through the changing seasons and prepare yourself for the ride of your life. Here are some events you can look into:

What Do I Pack?

As a cyclist, you need to prepare yourself adequately for every event. The weather, clothing, and gear can pull you down when you show up wearing inappropriate gear. Therefore, to make it to the finish line safely, have the following:

  • Helmet. The helmet you wear needs to be a snug fit and feel comfortable on your head. Purchase a recreational bike helmet if you are into casual riding. Long-distance cycling events require lightweight but aerodynamic headgear, so opt for a road bike helmet. A mountain bike helmet is ideal for mountain bike races or whenever you race on rough terrain.
  • Cycling Jacket. Your regular clothing cannot handle the weather, the amount of movement required, and the sweat you will produce. If you don’t own aerodynamically sound gear, you should check out JensonUSA’s selection of cycling jackets and find the appropriate fit for your height, build, gender and season. A cycling jacket is an investment is in your hobby. Therefore, don’t skimp on spending money that will allow you to perform better while cycling.
  • Suitable Bike. Depending on the cycling course you plan to ride, you will need a different bike for each route. Invest in road bikes or electric bikes for paved roads. If you plan to cycle on a natural surface, get yourself a hybrid bike. All-road riding from the asphalt to the outback, those surfaces need gravel and a touring cycle. In contrast, dirt roads and trails need mountain bikes for heavy training.
  • Water Bottle. You should pack a bottle of 1 to 2 liters of water for your event.
  • Additional Protection. Apart from the basics, it is good to pack protective eyewear, have spare clothes to change into after the race, gloves, and sunscreen.

Where Do I Go? The Events 

  • Charm City Cyclocross, Baltimore MD

In October, Charm city cyclocross is a professional cycling event in Baltimore, Maryland. So, as a professional cyclist, you will zoom through the historic Druid hill park crossing over to the Baltimore Zoo mansion house lawn. Therefore, you will experience a multitude of terrains, from pavement to grass to the feeling of fresh dirt. Your bike should have tires no wider than 33 mm to navigate the course easily.

  • Bike Around the Buttes, Sutter, CA

The bike ride around the Buttes is a charitable cycling event hosted by the Northern California Lions Club. The proceeds of this event will go towards Diabetes. It is a free for all, non-competitive event where you can participate as an amateur. The event itself will be held in April this summer. The tour will take you through Sutter to Meridian. Then you will have to head North through the majestic Sutter Buttes Mountain Range. 

You will also get to choose the routes you want to take. The Lil Scoop is a 20-mile course ideal for beginners and will take you down the countryside of the Buttes. The Classic scoop is a 40 miles course best for slightly amateur raiders and will introduce you to the world’s smallest mountain range. The single scoop with nuts is a 70-mile course suitable for solid and talented riders. This tour will take you from the south to the west of the meridian. 

The double scoop with nuts is a 100 miles tour best for professionals. Apart from following the traditional route, you will also enjoy the additional view of the Sacramento River. Once you have successfully ended your ride, you will enjoy a refreshing beer and a delicious meal.

  • Tour De Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Tour De Summerlin is a non-competitive bike ride for anyone who enjoys competing professionally or wants a leisure ride. So, gear up for this April and head down west of the US. The tour de Summerlin has abundant biking lanes ranging from 20 miles, 40 miles, and 80 miles. You will get to bicycle around southern Nevada and culminate your tour in Downtown Summerlin

The 80 miles tour will take the Skye Canyon Park to the desert foothill. The 40 miles tour will take you from Charleston to Red Rock. The 20 miles is a limited cycling route, from the Red Rock Ranch to the Town center, from where you will cycle back to the starting line.

  • Empire State Ride, Staten Island NY

The Empire State Ride is a seven-day cross-state adventure that raises funds for cancer research. You can participate in this event in July. It is a 500-mile cycling adventure that is free for all and will take you from New York City to Niagara Falls. The average distance per day is around 79 miles, so you can take a leisurely ride at your pace whether you are a professional or an amateur-feel free to join.

  • Tour De France, France

Tour De France is the world’s most prominent annual men’s multiple-stage bicycle racing. This event consists of 21 stages held over 23 days. As a male athlete, you will compete in July this year. The entire tour runs for 3,600 km from France to surrounding countries. Each year, the race organizers decide the route, and the stages of the race are as follows:

  • Prologue. Each rider will ride under six miles against the clock.
  • Flat. During Flat, a big pack of competitors will ride together for 125 miles. The race ends with a small group of racers winning or an individual surpassing other racers.
  • Time Trial. You will get to ride for 30 miles against the clock. Some racers prefer doing a time trial as a group, while others prefer doing it individually.
  • Mountain. The last stage will take you into the mountains, from sea level to 2,000 meters, multiple times during the course.
  • Giro D’ Italia, Italy

The Giro d’Italia is an annual multiple-stage bicycle race primarily in Italy. However, this year riders will start from Budapest, Hungary, and finish their tour in Verona. The event dates are set for the end of May this year. The course will cover about 3,400 km with 51,000 meters of climbing across three weeks of racing. 

The race will have only two-time trials, one in Budapest while the other in Verona, adding up to 26km. As a professional, you will get to ride through flat, hilt, and mountainous terrain. The final weekend this year will conclude in the Dolomites.

  • The UCI Road World Championships, Australia

The UCI Road World Championship is an annual event for bicycle road racing that the Union Cycliste Internationale organizes. The tournament consists of events for a road race, individual time trial, and a mixed team relay. Organized in Wollongong, Australia, the tour dates are set for the end of September this year. 

The course will run from the northern beaches of Stanwell Park, Coalcliff, Clifton, Scarborough, Wombarra, Coledale, Customer, Thirroul, and Bulli to Wollongong. You will also climb Mount Keira, which stands at a proud 472m elevation.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy cycling, there is much for you to explore. Gear yourself up with the best cyclic equipment and prepare yourself for adventures that will leave your heart soaring. 

On an amateur level, you should look into biking in the buttes, going for the summer tour in Vegas, or cycling through New York to Canada. On a more professional level, you can do the cyclocross in Baltimore, train yourself to emerge victorious in France or ride like an Italian in the Giro D’Italia. If you like competing on an even larger scale, sign up for the UCI world championships.