A fresh new graphics kit is the ultimate way to revamp your Yamaha motorcycle with vibrant visual upgrades. Dramatically transforming the look of your bike, quality graphics can inject excitement whether you ride city streets or open highways. With endless color combinations and designs to match your personal riding style, the options make it easy to create a bold custom Yamaha.

Application of a graphics kit on a Yamaha is also hassle-free with high-performance vinyl that conforms to every contour. Refreshing worn graphics or starting anew, proper preparation like thorough cleaning ensures maximum adhesion so you can ride in head-turning style for years. Read on to learn how prepping your Yamaha and carefully applying eye-catching new graphics will have your bike looking hotter than ever before.

Assess Your Current Yamaha Graphics

Take a step back and objectively assess the current graphics on your Yamaha. Consider how faded or scratched up they may have become from road wear and tear. If you’ve had the same basic graphics for a while, a fresh new look can be just what you need to inject new life into your ride.

Choose Eye-Catching Yamaha Graphics

With so many graphics kits to choose from, select options that reflect your personal style. Bold color combinations, abstract shapes or sleek contours – there are endless possibilities for stunning new Yamaha looks. Consider complementary or contrasting colors to those already on your bike. Highlight key areas like the fuel tank, side panels, fenders and front cowling with colorful new graphics for maximum visual impact.

Prep Your Yamaha’s Surface

Proper preparation is key to achieving the best graphics adhesion. Thoroughly clean the surface area where graphics will be applied with isopropyl alcohol to remove any oil, grease or dirt. This helps the adhesive stick and conforms the graphics to the curves and edges of your motorcycle. Carefully remove any existing graphics if they are worn, damaged, or you simply want a completely fresh start. Use a heat gun to gently soften the adhesive and peel off slowly.

Apply Your New Yamaha Graphics

Once your bike is prepped, lay out the new graphics one section at a time, carefully lining them up exactly where you want them. Use masking tape to temporarily hold sections in place if needed. Slowly remove the backing while applying pressure from the middle outward to minimize air bubbles. Take your time and adjustments can be made if sections go on crooked. Apply a soft squeegee in overlapping strokes to conform the graphics firmly to the surface, pressing out any air or liquid underneath.

Add Finishing Touches

Stand back and admire your revamped ride! The vibrant new graphics will grab attention on the roads. Consider complementing with other visual upgrades like anodized bolts in accent colors, custom wheel trim or colored tint on windscreens. Clean off any adhesive residue around the edges of the graphics using isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. Avoid using harsh chemicals near edges. Wax your Yamaha to protect the graphics from UV rays and environmental wear and tear.

Ride in Style

Your Yamaha will now turn heads with its sleek, refreshed style. The durable vinyl material of quality graphics kits is designed to last, through all types of riding conditions. Care for the graphics by hand washing and avoid using abrasive products near them. With proper care, you can enjoy the vibrant new look of your Yamaha for years of smooth, stylish riding!