When something goes really bad with one of its players,  people expect to hear from NFL  Commissioner Roger Goodell. 

Unfortunately, the NFL has a track  record of not immediately addressing anything.  

During a press conference at the NFL Spring meeting in Florida, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell finally spoke to the media about Hill’s situation, saying the league is sensitive to issue at hand and doesn’t want to get in the way.

Via TMZ:  

“As you know, there’s a court proceeding still going on involving CPS [Child Protective Services] and we will not interfere with that,” “The priority is this young child. So we will obviously be cooperative of whatever the court wants there.”

The investigation on Hill was reopened after KCTV5 released audio of Hill and his fiancee discussing injuries suffered by their 3-year-old son.

Goodell reinforced the Chiefs’ stance with how the league views Hill’s situation before a decision is made on his playing status in 2019.

“We are prepared to go ahead and have an interview whenever we have the permission to do so, and then we’ll make a determination based on what information we have at that point in time,” Goodell said. “And so, again, I won’t speculate on where we’ll go, but we’ll certainly get all the information we possibly can as soon as possible.”

The NFL never reveals their hand until they’re forced to. 

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