How did Jake Paul get injured?

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Jake Paul appears to have been seriously injured, According to Jake Paul, he “punched a hole through a car” – but, his story doesn’t seem to add up.

He is not denying he was admitted to the hospital – he is injured enough to have been forced to take his recent press conference from the hospital facility. And, rumors suggest he has broken 19 bones in his face… but how? From a parked car?

Did Jake Paul and Mike Tyson have a sparring match?

Sources have reported that Tyson and Paul had a sparring match as part of training for the upcoming “big match” between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones… so, did Mike Tyson break Jake Paul’s face? It would certainly make sense for the two boxers to get into the ring and throw some punches if nothing else, just for good practice. But, is there something more going on here? Did Paul secretly challenge Tyson to a fight? Was there more at stake than simply a “training match”?

Mike Tyson has been training hard for his upcoming fight.

Anyone over 30 knows how much more difficult physical training is than when you are in your twenties. And no doubt, Tyson will have to put in more hours and more focus to reach peak performance for his age…

But Tyson continues to amaze with his physical abilities as a fighter, now 15 years after retiring! Recent photos and videos show clearly how fit he is, and any boxer should be terrified to get into the ring with him. Perhaps this is what happened to Jake Paul? No doubt, if a junior fighter such as Paul got into the ring with the King of boxing, Tyson, it would be a bloodbath… definitely some face-breaking would happen. Perhaps Paul, being younger than Tyson, thought he could give Tyson a run for his money – if that was the case, he was dead wrong.

Why the silence? Currently no comments yet from either Tyson’ or Paul’ team.

So how did Paul injure himself? How severe are these injuries? What does this say about his fitness, boxing skill and his ability to appear in the upcoming Tyson vs. Jones boxing match? Definitely some important questions here that we can hopefully get answers to.

Paul is known for his large presence on social media and large number of followers – why hasn’t he posted anything about his obvious injuries?