Russia’s slapping champion behemoth Vasiliy ‘Dumpling’ Khamotiskiy, who shot to fame as the vicious viral star of a crazy new Russian sport, has been sensationally slapped unconscious in a recent shocking defeat.

Dumpling, a farmer from the small Siberian village of Ilansky, became a viral hit when footage of him knocking out rivals on his way to winning the inaugural ‘Russian Slapping Championships’ was shared thousands of times online.

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The tournament, in which male contestants attempt to slap their opponents into submission with open-handed strikes at the Siberian Strength Show in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, in March 2019, was retweeted by UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, among other major figures in the sporting world.

He seemed unbeatable. 

That was until a recent opponent connected clean across the bearded jaw of Dumpling and sent him into what he later described as a “mini coma,” ending the tournament and also Khamotskiy’s reign of terror among the slapping elite.

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