Scottie Pippen reportedly is the latest of Michael Jordan’s former teammates who is unhappy with how he was portrayed in The Last Dance.

Per David Kaplan of ESPN 1000 in Chicago, Pippen is “so angry” and “beyond livid” at Jordan over how he came across on the documentary.

Kaplan explained that Pippen’s unhappiness stems from Jordan calling him “selfish” and that he “didn’t realize what he was getting himself into” with the documentary.

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The documentary did highlight some memorable negative moments in Pippen’s career. There was a segment in which Jordan seemed to question his teammate for the infamous migraine game against the Detroit Pistons in Game 7 of the 1990 Eastern Conference Finals.

“I can’t argue the point he had a migraine,” Jordan said. “It’s one of those things that’s so unfortunate.”

Another moment in episode two saw Jordan call Pippen “selfish” for putting off ankle surgery until the start of the 1997-98 season. That was around the same time that Pippen demanded a trade from the Bulls because he was unhappy with his contract.

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