Could another Kardashian hanger-on, be on her way out? 

That could be the case if Kim Kardashian catches wind of this. 

The NBA Hall of Famer’s wife and the former NBA Player were spotted hanging out by the VIP drink area at Coachella with a group of people.

Via Us Weekly: 

The insider added that Humphries was “touching her head and playing with her braids” and that they seemed “playful.” The former Brooklyn Nets player was “leaning down to talk to her since he’s so much taller.” However, after he left to get another drink, the athlete stopped to talk to another unidentified woman.

Humphries recently explained what happened between he and Kim, saying his marriage was 100% real. 

Humphries can’t get enough of that Kardashian lifestyle. 

Check out more pics of Scottie’s Wife Larsa below: 

Can’t blame the guy for putting out feelers. 

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