Back in October former Michigan gymnastics coach Scott Vetere was caught having sex in public with an 18-year-old gymnast.  The video of that arrest has been released and as expected, it is awkward. 

The officer can be heard interrupting the two lovers and asking them to get dressed. 

Via TMZ Sports:

It all went down in October when someone called the Ann Arbor Police Dept. to report two people having sex in a car in the middle of the day in a public parking lot. 

You can hear the cop bang on the car door to announce his arrival — and he tells the couple, “Well, this is awkward. Clothes please.”

The officer proceeds to lecture the 39-year-old coach and the 18-year-old female student — telling them how dumb their actions were.

“Do we even need to have a talk right now? Everything’s crystal clear?” One officer tells Vetere … “There’s a lot I could say right now, and I’m not even sure that there’s a point to it.”

The lesson here is pretty clear.  If you’re going to sleep with one of your gymnasts, get a room. 

Obviously, being that Vetere was a married man and a coach, he shouldn’t have pursued a relationship with her.  That’s one path. 

See the the awkward arrest video here.

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