Searching For Best Surf Brands in the World? Then you are on the right page. In past few years, surfing has been able to attract a lot of new people. It’s a very cool and adventurous type of water activity. Due to surfing’s increasing demand and popularity, across the globe, there has been increase in the number of surfing brands that make surfing equipment across the globe, to help people. 

In the below article we will be discussing some of the few surfing brands, which are helping people in a number of ways. Read on to know in detail about a few of the Best surf brands in the World:

1. Rvca

Rvca is one of the popular brands that deals with the needed surfing equipment. It has a collection of different cultures bring down by a group of likeminded people. It’s originality in the field of art music and fashion sets it apart from the others in the ocean.

2. Volcom

Volcom was founded in 1991 on the principal to get people higher consciousness about themselves and their thoughts also, the company has a good collection of high quality apparel outwear and footwear. In short it has all the things needed, so was of great use for most.

3. Vans

Vans is an American company that specializes in manufacturing of shoes. Its main objective was to provide uniqueness and originality to the youth. Shoes for comfort and style were available for all, this attracted everyone. The company also has hands on the manufacturing of apparels and accessories for youth and has become one of the Best surf brands in the world.

4. Roxy

Roxy is one the fashion brands that has made a significant impact in the style and trend industry. The company’s ideology is inspired by mountain and the wave. They strongly believe in the idea of women empowerment and work towards it. To a great extent it has helped too.

5. Ripcurl

Ripcurl was founded in 1969 by two friends as a long term vision to provide surfers a kind of lifestyle that was largely incorporated in the minds of people. Though it was acquired by another company, but it stills remain an independent brand and is continuing its operations in the field of design.

6. Chanel Island Surfboards

Chanel Island surfboards were started in 1969 with an aim to provide high quality products over the years. It has grown from a grass root level to an incredible skyline. They have played a major role in all the advancement that has taken place in the surfing industry. Its aim is to provide a new innovative design for the people.

7. Nixon

Nixon was established in 1998 that specializes in the manufacturing of premium watches and other accessories. The brands prime focus is to make an active change in youth’s lifestyle. Currently it is selling its products in over 90 countries of the world. They have also included selected soft goods and leather goods in their business from the last few years.

Besides these listed brands, there are a number of other names too, which are also flourishing and serving the industry.