Sergio Garcia was disqualified from the European Tour event for “serious misconduct” under new Rule 1.2a during the third round at Royal Greens Golf & Country Club.

On Saturday Garcia was accused by fellow golfers of purposely damaging greens by dragging the soles of his shoes into the putting surfaces, failing to fix a divot and hitting his putter into the ground.

Rule 1.2 is part of the new Rules of Golf, one that deals with “spirit of the game” and “breach of etiquette,” putting the onus of interpretation into a tournament committee’s hands. 

 Garcia also let his frustrations out on an unraked bunker a day before his DQ. 

Garcia then went on a small rant in Spanish. 

“Puta madre que les pario a todos,” Garcia began, which translates to “The whore who gave birth to them all,” before saying, “putos caddys de mierda que no estan arreglando el bunker” or “piece of sh*t caddies aren’t fixing the bunker.”

 He then went on to make a par 5. He made the cut by two shots.

And then he destoryed the greens getting him DQ’d. 

And this from a Masters winner. 

Might it be time for some Anger Management? 

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