In a recent interview with Real Sports on HBO, Shaq discussed his budding business empire and financial success outside of basketball, and also dropped a few very entertaining stories.

As Shaq tells it, when he was traded from Miami to Phoenix in 2008, he arrived in Arizona in need of furnishing his new home. Being an impatient man, O’Neal made a trip to Walmart and bought everything he could possibly need for his new home, from kitchen supplies, to computers, to clothes, and everything in between. That bill ran up to $70,000 and earned him a call from American Express’ fraud monitors who feared the Big Shaqtus’ Big Credit Card had been stolen.

“I have the highest purchase in Walmart history. The CEO will confirm that. I spent about $70,000 at Walmart in one night. I spent so much American Express thought my credit card was stolen. True story.

I get traded from Miami and I go to Phoenix. And I’m very impatient. They’ve already got the apartment sent up, but I ain’t got nothin’. I ain’t got no towels. I ain’t got no pots and pans. I ain’t got no TVs.”

Shaq is larger than life. He’s one of a kind, and just imagine if he and Kobe could have played nice. I’m talking a lot more rings, and less money spent at Walmart for moving costs.