Betting on a Football match will no longer be a hard-making decision to you since you have our Football Betting Strategy shared by FB 88 experts after working and analyzing thousands of football matches. It will not also be a 50-50 winning chance game. Interesting? Let’s grab your coffee and read the article below about football betting strategy. 

Most common football betting strategy on FB88

Use your “Why”, not your “How”

I’m sure that you all have your favourite football team and you always want your team to win. However, you should be careful when choosing the team to bet on. Don’t let your feelings tell you what to do as in football it’s difficult to be so lucky and win a bet. 

Therefore, you should spend your time reading everything about that match, both teams. After that you will know which team has more chances of winning based on your analysis as you know “Why” you should bet on that team, not “How” you feel about that team.

Be different

You are not a kid anymore, your mom doesn’t tell you what to do anymore. So it is the same in football betting. Don’t let the crowd lead you to bet on the team that you don’t want to bet on because you think their winning chances are low. 

This is important so I have to mention it twice. That is “It’s ok to be different”. Who knows if you can win a lot of money? Don’t always follow the crowd, buddies.

Strategy is power, but knowledge is king

You should spend more time reading about sports news, especially football. So that you will have everything you need including the lineup, the coach’s strategy, the history of 2 teams, the prediction from the experts and betting houses like FB88.

When you have enough required knowledge, it’s time to apply your strategies into practice. More chances to win on Football betting guaranteed. 

One more tip, try to read all the articles on our homepage to know more about the prediction and analysis that you need. We have shared quite a lot of sports knowledge and betting strategies at for beginners.

Using Parlay Betting to bet on Football effectively

Parlay bets are considered a type of bet that can be applied to most sports betting, including football. For parlay bets, you don’t have to worry about losses, but just win a game and you can get your entire bet back.

  • First betting round: Bet only 1 unit (about 2 – 10% of your stake). For example, your betting ticket is 2$.
  • 2nd betting round: If you win, continue betting 1 unit. If you lose, you double your original bet to 2 units. For example, your betting ticket is now 4$.
  • 3rd betting round: If you win, continue betting 1 unit. If you lose, you double your original bet to 4 units. For example, your betting ticket is now 8$.

For parlay bets, you must know how to effectively manage your bet capital so as not to lead to the situation of running out of capital too soon and not being able to get your capital back.

Other Advanced Strategies: Use Analytics

Using Data from NFL to predict

When betting on the NFL handicap, there are some important statistics to keep in mind. These numbers are related to the final NFL score. For example, 3 points is a common win point gap in the NFL, because most games are too late to determine the outcome. Or with 7 points difference is also a sign for you to analyze the match situation and bet on running.

Home field advantage – a power weapon

According to the statistics of FB 88 experts, the data on home advantage (HFA) over consecutive seasons is stable and reliable. To calculate the HFA for each NFL team, you need to subtract the home team’s score from the away team’s score and divide it by the number of games played. 

You will notice that after calculating the HFA of the past 20 years, each team’s HFA is close to 3 points, which becomes the handicap criterion.


The above are Football betting strategies from basic to advanced that are analyzed and synthesized by FB 88 experts to help players gain more experience when betting on Football.

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