The Martingale was created by the French mathematician, Paul Pierre Levy and became popular in the 18th century. This is one of the systems that helps you manage your bets effectively so as not to lose all your money during betting. That is why in the article shared by 188BET bookmaker experts, you will know the details of the Martingale Betting System. 

Using the Martingale betting system on 188BET

Martingale is considered a popular way of playing because of its simplicity, which can help players get back their losses along with profits in the shortest amount of time. The Martingale betting system is very simple, players will double the bet if they receive a failed bet, and return to the original bet level if there is a win.

For example, with an initial bet of 1 unit, you bet the first round of betting is 1 unit, if you win, you will keep this amount, if you lose, you will multiply by 2 units. If the 2nd betting round loses, the 3rd round of betting you will double your bet to 4. Until there is a win, the player will return to the original bet of 1 unit.

For this betting system, players should choose bets that have a high chance of winning, with a high win rate on 188 BET Online at For example Over/ Under or Even/ Odd. These are bets with low payouts, but the chance of winning is 50%.

Example: Your initial capital is 10USD. The Risk:Reward ratio is 1:1. That is, bet 1 USD if you Win, you get 1USD, if you Lose you lose 1USD.

  • First bet: Bet 1$ you Win, capital increased to 11USD
  • 2nd bet: Bet 1$ – You Lose, return 10USD.
  • 3rd bet: Bet 2$ – You Lose, capital reduced to 8USD.
  • 4th bet: Bet 4$ – You Win, Capital increased to 12USD.

Why should you apply the Martingale betting system?

It is a simple betting system to apply, but not everyone chooses to bet on Martingale because of the weaknesses it has, especially for professional players.

While it is true that you will be able to recover both profit and capital when you win a round of betting, if a player does not have a large enough budget, it is easy to run out of money.

For example, if you have not won 8 times in a row, your bet has gone from 1 unit to 128 and will probably continue to increase. Obviously, this is not a game for those with low capital.

Players should consider choosing Martingale when they have a lot of initial capital, when choosing a bet unit, it is necessary to split it to ensure that they can follow this strategy for a long time. Of course, when you overcome the capital problem, Martingale will become a huge advantage for you.

Rules of capital management when applying the Martingale betting system

  • Set profit and loss levels that match your existing capital based on a specific percentage or number. For example, my capital is 100$, today I want to increase my profit by 5% = 5$ and I accept the loss of the day equal to the profit rate of 5% = -5$. That is, when the capital increases to $ 105 or drops to $ 95, the expert advises you to stop betting.
  • After a loss the next goal is to preserve capital before expecting a profit. That is, when there is a profit, when the capital drops to $ 95 on the first day of betting, you need to stop betting and come back the next day.

Martingale betting system and your money management

  • For example, considering your stake is 100%, then each unit of your bet should be in the range of 2 – 10% of your capital, not more than that amount should be used.
  • The division of capital into each bet is also an important thing to note. For example, with betting rounds you are confident, you can use 10% or 20% of your bet on that round. For betting rounds you are not confident, only betting with 2% stake is reasonable.

Summary of the Martingale betting system

Thus, after this article, you can apply the Martingale betting system in all online betting games on 188BET bookmaker from We hope that you will be disciplined and have the right strategies for effective betting.