In addition to football betting, betting on other sports is also becoming increasingly popular with players around the world. Volleyball is also one of the sports that are listed by reputable bookmaker W88 at attractive odds of So what types of bets are there and how to bet on volleyball, let’s find out in the article below. Then you can find the best indoor volleyball wherever you are.  

What is volleyball betting?

Volleyball betting is similar to football betting, golf betting, or basketball betting; it is betting on the odds offered by the volleyball house. This is a sport that is played by 5 sets to win 3, each set will play 25 points, and set 5 will score 15 points. If the match is at 24-24, then hit 26 points; similar to a tie, the score will be increased by 2 points.

Basic types of bets on volleyball at W88 bookmaker:

  • Total Score: That is, players will bet on how many points in the volleyball match both teams will score. For indoor volleyball, the total number of points scored usually fluctuates around 136 so be careful to place your bet correctly.
  • Exact Odds: This is a more subtle bet than a total point bet where the player proceeds to bet on the correct score for each set. The odds of this bet are also higher.
  • Handicap: When a volleyball match and 2 participating teams have an odd performance, the dealer adds the handicap bet. The dominant team will accept the underdogs for a specific number of points. This makes the game more interesting and dramatic.
  • Set betting: In addition to betting on the entire volleyball match, players can choose to place bets on a set match. You can bet on which team will win the set or the total points scored in the set.

Tips to help you play volleyball betting online:

  • Analyze the odds: First, to make it easy to compare multiple bookmakers or between different types of betting, people need to grasp the many rules of that house first. Once you have a lot of basic knowledge, people should also compare a lot of information between these types of volleyball betting, so although they are different, there are many relationships between them. Another system is related to the performance between the two teams.
  • Summary of betting levels in many reputable bookmaker W88 from When you have selected a match for you to bet on volleyball, many of you have to combine in many bets at different bookmakers to be able to choose the best one. You should also statistic about the many betting levels of many of the leading reputable betting companies in the world. Then sum it up and see which betting company has given many players the best odds and also has the absolute best accuracy.
  • Evaluate the differences between many bookmakers: You can also find for yourself a more reputable or trustworthy company that can only rely on your own experiences in many ways to assess or compare. The betting levels, the odds or the betting table are in between those companies. Being able to observe it, the more you will be able to see more clearly what the house they offer is.
  • Should faithfully choose a few teams: The choice of team that you often bet on will also help a lot of you to reduce a period of time to be able to research, thereby to work more productively and effectively. 
  • Do not bet when there are not enough databases: This is also the last of the secrets of playing volleyball betting online. You absolutely cannot take risks if you are not sure about the bets that you are about to participate in.


To win many bets and bring many prizes to you not only need to play a lot, but set yourself a specific betting strategy. Please follow our site W88 regularly for the latest on tips and betting news.