New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is fighting as hard as he can to keep the videos of himself receiving sexual favors at a Florida spa from being released.

Despite putting up a fight, the Sheriff on the case said on Thursday that he thinks the videos will eventually be released.


“I do think ultimately they are probably going to get released,” Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told CNBC on Thursday, a day after Kraft moved to keep police surveillance videos of him sealed.

“Once a case is over, it’s not an ongoing investigation,” Snyder said. “There has to be a specific reason not to release a public record. And the fact that there is sexual activity is not an exemption.”

We don’t necessarily want to see the videos, nobody does, but if they do end up getting released we’ll probably take a look.  Let’s just hope for Robert’s, and our sake, that the videos aren’t the best quality.

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