CSI: Shoe Division

Zion Williamson has all eyes on him, at all times.

His shoes do as well.

Especially after a pair of his shoes exploded during a game earlier this season, injuring him.

Nike has given Zion a reinforced pair of Nike Kyrie 4’s which surely won’t suffer the same fate as his last sneaker.

Nike has also been looking for answers as to why the shoe broke.

According to Nike sneaker designer Tobie Hatfield, the brand goes through a painstaking process of inspecting the bad shoe, often times referred to as an “autopsy.”

”We basically go through what’s called an ‘autopsy’ of the shoe. Any shoe that has issues or potential issues, we just have to go and find out,”

Hatfield explained according to Hypebeast.

”Was there a manufacturing issue, design issue or any of that kind of stuff? It’s just a matter of going through the whole shoe and finding out what the issues are and then we go solve them again. It’s really no different than how we’ve been doing it all along.”

Williamson and his shoes will begin their quest for NCAA basketball supremacy on March 22nd against the ND State Bison.

Should be a fantastic March Madness.

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