As a lover of all things sports, you’re probably aware that looking the part is half the battle. Making sure you have the latest and greatest gear is a big part of the confidence you have when you step out onto the field. Arguably the most important piece of equipment is your boots, especially if you plan on scoring a bagful of goals. If you aren’t sure what boots to opt for, consider these top 7 soccer boots for 2019.

1. The Predator

A classic reboot that has survived the years, Adidas is at it again. Releasing the latest instalment of this 23 year old pair of soccer boots. Offered in an old school but beautiful black design, these boots are designed to offer greater insulation and comfort. Take your choice between the Cold Mode or Colorway versions depending on the season you play in.

2. The Phantom

Not to be outdone, Nike Phantom Vision Elite boots are a newcomer worth taking note of. These boots not only feel great, they look even better. Offered in a range of colours, these boots are definitely unique. Offering the next evolution in internal sleeves, the Vision Elite boots offer Nike’s Quadfit Mesh system. This system will help make the boot adapt to almost any foot shape or size.

3. The Future

One of the hardest parts of finding the right boot can be the feel when they are done up. Thanks to Puma’s Future 2.1 NetFit, that problem is well in the past. This boot offers its wearer the opportunity to choose the fit that feels best for them. The NetFit lacing system means you can lace up these boots in different ways, relieving tension or adding pressure where you need it. Offering up these boots in various colours has helped Puma change the soccer boot game.

4. The Balance

New Balance have designed a boot for the player who considers himself mobile, agile and quick. The New Balance Tekela 1.0 Pro is a new boot to the market that is specifically designed to give players greater freedom when it comes to quick changes in direction, without sacrificing speed. Designed with microfiber, kinetic stitch bands, TPU outsole and nylon chassis – these boots are a dynamic game changer for any player.

5. The X factor

Adding a little X factor into the list for 2019 is the Adidas X18.1 boot. If you’re the type of player to make statement like “I play better without boots” or “I prefer barefoot games” – then this is the boot for you. Adidas have designed a lightweight and comfortable boot in the X18.1 that includes light notching and a thicker under layer to add to the design and sturdiness of these boots. Offered in either a laced or lace-less version, these boots are sure to please a lot of players.

6. The Magistra

If a total leg boot is what you are after, then you’re probably considering the Nike Magistra Obra 2. This boot uses a feature that’s growing in popularity among some player circles, the ankle collar. This feature helps create a sort of dynamic connection between the foot and the lower leg when playing. It’s 3D texture and design also creates better friction to help improve your touch and pass. Offered in a white and lime green colour, this boot is sure to impress.

7. The Offshore

Coming in with a craftsmanship unlike other boots on the market is the Mizuno Morelia Neo Blackout MIJ. The MIJ standing for ‘Made in Japan’. These boots are crafted with Kobe leather, so they are produced with a level of care not many other manufacturers can match. The comfort and design of these boots will help you on the field, with the blackout design a throwback to days of yesteryear before the lime greens and electric orange styles swept through the market.


Getting a new pair of soccer boots is never as simple as pointing to a pair on the shelf. The fit, feel and design are all important considerations. If you aren’t sure what new pair of boot to tackle this year, then here’s a good place to start.