It looks like the talk is finally over and after a lot of punches were thrown via Social Media, the two UFC champions are ready to talk about a rematch. The spark around this possible match in UFC appeared after the Irishman spoke with Tony Robbins about the infamous brawl after their first match back in October. If this is just another smoke bomb or we could be expecting a rematch in 2019? This is the question we are answering in today’s article by looking at the facts we have until now.

The Post-Match Brawl in October as the First Indicator

Even without McGregor’s interview, the events after when he lost against Khabib were quite enough to start rumors about a rematch. The only difference between then and now is that we are certain both fighters are still allowed to do so. Because after those very unfortunate events, there was the possibility for both of them to get temporarily suspended or even worse! But after McGregor was not penalized at all by UFC and Khabib being almost done with the 0-month suspension he received, everything is in place for a rematch to happen.

In case you were under a rock this past year and don’t know what are we referring to. After their first match in October when McGregor lost without a trace of a doubt, things got hot and heavy at the T-Mobile arena. Right after the match was over, Nurmagomedov jumped in the crowd to settle some differences. This created a big commotion in the arena and a lot of confusion, enough for a part of his team to try and attack McGregor. The Irishman said he didn’t understand why that needed to happen and declared that he gave his respects and congratulated the russian fighter since he won the match.

McGregor Training Intensively

Even though he stayed away from the octagon in all this time, Conor is definitely not shying away from training sessions. Some of his fans may only remember the various times he made the news for negative reasons like smashing a fan’s phone. However, as confirmed by close persons in his entourage, McGregor is heavily training and getting ready to get back in the ring. Sure, that’s not necessarily an indicator that he will fight against Khabib, however, the sole fact he’s getting ready for another bout gives us hopes. Because such a rematch will top anything else, even the best Australian online casino.

Khabib’s Staff Says McGregor is Not Worthy

Despite all the pressure building around a possible rematch between the two fighters, there were voices from around the Russian fighter claiming such a fight is no longer of interest for them. In an interview for ESPN, Ali Abdelaziz said that if he were to be honest, Conor is simply not a worthy enough opponent for the time being. He even suggested that the Irishman should first go out there and try his luck against Tony Ferguson, Justin Gaethje or Donald Cerrone before even thinking about a fight against Khabib.

And there’s no shortage of possible opponents for the Notorious as recently another UFC legend, Anderson Silva, has called for a fight against McGregor. He almost begged Dana White, the UFC boss to make the match happen by saying it makes a lot of sense and it would be a challenge for both fighters and a great reward for UFC as well.


Of course, all this talk about McGregor not being a worthy opponent for Nurmagomedov can easily fade away when UFC puts a huge check in front of his staff. In the end, it’s all about the money and there’s no money without two huge names in the ring. And even though he didn’t fight that much in the past two years, McGregor has his own special way of being irreplaceable when it comes to huge fights.  If we will have the privilege of seeing the notorious in several fights before he faces Khabib, that’s even better. If not, we’re all on the edge of our seats for that big announcement from Dana White!