Are you struggling to figure out whether you should wear polarized sunglasses or not to play golf? You are not alone. Some golfers choose to wear polarized sunglasses, while others tend to use non-polarized sunglasses for their performance in the golf course. So, the answer to the question is relative. Because it depends on the individual performing the game.

Being the golf course green, some golfers find difficulties while playing in the sun. The glare of the sunrays on the horizon makes their game difficult to trace the direction. Actually, to play the game skillfully, a golfer needs to concentrate on three significant aspects. Golf sunglasses help a golfer to pursue the game even in the bright sun. They are quality of vision, visual skill, and the perfect sunglasses. Actually, golf is a visually challenging game. So, a golfer needs to have keen visual quality.

If you are a golfer and finding the answer to the question stated above, you can wear a polarized or non-polarized sunglasses to play the game. Before going to use or upgrade your present sunglasses, make sure what makes you more comfortable while playing the game. If you are okay with non-polarized sunglasses, you should go for it. On the other hand, if you are very sensitive to the light glare, you can opt for polarized sunglasses to cut off the glare.

Advantage of polarized sunglasses

Now let’s come to the point. While playing golf, the glare of light hinders the golfer’s performance. It can go and hit directly to the golfer’s eyes from several different sources, including horizontal lines, water traps nearby, or any source. In this case, polarized sunglasses can be the best option for you to cut out the glare and make your eyes comfortable to track everything, meaning the holes in the course.

Not only that, polarized sunglasses can protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays, which are very harmful to your eyes. If you are exposed to direct sun for a long time for a few days, you may cause permanent damage to your eyes as well. However, wearing polarized sunglasses can give you more advantages to play the game.

Let’s talk about the demerits of polarized sunglasses

Having many benefits of polarized sunglasses for the golfers, there are some drawbacks here as well. Polarization of the sunglasses can make your vision distortion, meaning as polarized sunglasses cut out the glare of the bright sun, you may not be able to track the shines of greens in the golf course. As a result, you may find trouble while following the ball, as well as the holes of the course.

As polarized sunglasses can make your tracking difficult by cutting the glare, you can still reap the benefit of using polarized sunglasses. On a very bright day, polarized sunglasses can be the best option for you to continue the game. On the other hand, when you need to read the shines of the greens, you can put off the sunglasses and play the shot and then wear them again.

Lens color must be considerable 

You need to choose the perfect tint to figure out the different conditions in the course. So, lens color is essential to choose from. Because your sunglasses for the game, golf is more than your fashion pick. Only a slight upgrade can make a big difference between you and your competitors. But make sure you have chosen the perfect one for your needs. 

In today’s market, you can easily find sunglasses that are specifically designed for golfers. Also, lenses should be UV-protected so that sun rays cannot harm your eyes during the game. However, if you are in need of purchasing a pair of sunglasses that will best suit you, you should spend some time researching. Goodr is such a website where you can find the unbiased review for sunglasses for golf.

Frames must fit you snugly

Frames can also work as a protector of sunrays. Some frames of sunglasses come with a wide wrap covering your eyes’ nearby skin to protect from the sun. Moreover, the build and material of the sunglasses also need to consider. A pair of good golfing sunglasses allow a golfer to play the game for a long time without finding any difficulty.

Final Touches

If you want to enjoy and continue the game, you need a quality pair of sunglasses. Before upgrading your sunglasses for golf, take time to determine which sunglasses make you more comfortable while playing the game- polarized or non-polarized? You can go for any depending on your needs and comfort.