Gambling and sports betting are probably as old as mankind itself. Even during the Olympic Games in ancient times, bets were often placed on the outcome of the various competitions. However, a lot has happened in the last four thousand years. In the meantime, casino games such as video slots, poker, blackjack & co. have overtaken classic sports betting in terms of popularity. So, does the question arise why gambling at online casinos is now so much more popular than placing sports bets?

Online casinos: Fixed and consistently high payout rates of the games give more security

An important point why casino games in such casinos as CasinoChan online casino are so popular and also more popular compared to sports betting might be the fixed and often high payout rates. While the odds can hardly be quantified with almost certainty with any sports bet, this is different with virtually all casino games. Both the popular slots and the classic card and table games usually have fixed or at least hardly fluctuating payout rates. In comparison, sports betting offers significantly less security. 

Entertaining gaming fun even for those who are not interested in sports

Anyone who wants to place sports bets should, of course, first be interested in the sport in question. After all, interest in a sport is more or less a basic prerequisite for being able to place worthwhile and thus also successful bets. If you can hardly estimate the outcome of a sporting event, it is also difficult to quantify the attractiveness of a bet. With casino games, and especially slots, the situation is quite different. In particular, modern video slots now have many similarities with the video and mobile games popular with the masses. They are therefore easy to learn and simple to play. 

Chances of winning: casino games are easier to assess and less complicated than sports bets

While even inexperienced players can estimate their chances of winning relatively well with casino games, this is generally more difficult with sports betting. After all, success here depends not only on one’s own experience, luck, and the reliability of one’s estimates. Rather, bettors must also consider several other factors when placing their bets. Here, it is important to compare the odds of the betting providers and to consider the odds key and thus the payout amount of the respective betting provider. Under certain circumstances, betting fees can also be added to the equation.

Less stress: casino games are easy to play, and betting stays in the back of your mind

Last but not least, those who play casino games responsibly and stay within their gaming budget usually experience significantly less stress and thus more gaming fun. Casino games simply have a higher entertainment value and thus provide less stress when played responsibly. Sports betting, on the other hand, can quickly raise the stress level unintentionally. Sports bets that have been placed, especially those with higher betting sums, tend to get stuck in the back of the mind.

So, after placing their bets, bettors are constantly asking themselves questions. For example, whether they are correct in their assessment. If, for example, an important player of a soccer team drops out, this can already have a huge impact on the prospect of a successful bet. In sports betting, there are often many factors that are difficult to assess and that can cause stress.