Whether you choose an experienced online betting operator or a website that is new to online betting, you will see that there are different bonuses. There should be rewards for existing clients, but the casino bonus for new users from Stake.com shows that one of the leading operators in some countries also offers a proposition for new users.

Stake is a site for people who want nothing but the best. The operator uses digital currencies and offers one of the leading casino sections and sportsbooks. However, some people are interested in it because of the promotions it has. 

Whether you decide to use the company’s sports category or the casino, you will find an abundance of promotions. Some are better than others, but everything offers an intriguing reward. Before you decide which one to test, here are a few specific rules you should be aware of.

Some of the casino bonuses have a minimum bet requirement

One of the first things people notice about Stake is that this gambling site does not have a standard welcome proposition. Users who want to avail themselves of this thing need to apply a unique promotional code while registering. After that, they also have to make a deposit.

Fortunately, gamblers do not need to provide a promotional code regarding the propositions for registered users. There are all sorts of options to pick from, and one of them gives customers who play the new casino games the chance to win a prize. Unsurprisingly, the prize comes in the form of additional funds.

Like other promotions from Stake.com, this one has many rules you need to follow if you want to be eligible for a prize. One of them is the minimum bet requirement, which in this case is $0.10 or the equivalent in your currency.

As for the games you have to focus on, Stake will provide you with a table where you can see the eligible titles. Since the online casino adds new casino games regularly, they change on a regular basis.

There are bonuses that will require you to beat a specific multiplier while playing some of the games

There are a couple of big reasons why Stake is one of the top-tier betting operators. Aside from the digital currencies, the two betting sections, and one of the industry-leading safety features, this company offers promotions that users can’t find in other online casinos.

One of them is known as “The Level Up”. Instead of requiring users to make a deposit or use a promo code, gamblers have to play one of the eligible games and try to beat the multiplier. Each game has a different multiplier, and they change every week. Hence, you need to keep an eye on the promo section if you don’t want to miss out on something.

Completing this rule will give you access to a $10,000 prize pool, which will be split between those who’ve completed the rules. In other words, if you meet the challenge, you will get a share of the prize if someone else has done the same.

The Keno Multipliers

Many online betting operators must provide additional betting options to stand out. Despite its many unique promotions and features, Stake is also a site where you can find Keno. This game may not have that many fans in some parts of the world, but there are gamblers who love it.

People who are interested in Keno and want to put this game to the test will have access to a unique offer known as the VIP Forum Challenge. The idea is to play the game and hit at least one of the three multipliers. Speaking of the devil, this game has many of them, so it shouldn’t be that hard to do that.

Of course, there is also a minimum bet requirement, which is 1 USD.