If you follow Playboy Playmate Khloe Terae closely on social media, as we do, you’ll know she’s a pretty big sports fan.  She often shows up to games with her friends and turns heads.

We wanted to know a little more about Khloe’s love of sports and decided to see if we could get her to answer a few questions.  She agreed and also sent over a ton of pictures of herself and her friends enjoying all of the major sports.

Sports Gossip: We know you’re a huge sports fan and you often attend NBA and NHL games. So I’ll start with a couple of obvious questions.

What is your favorite sport? 

Khloe Terae: Duh I’m Canadian is this even a question?!

SG: Who are your favorite teams?

KT: Growing up my favourite team was the Montréal Canadiens! Now that I live in Cali, I still love my Habs but also enjoy going to Ducks & Golden Knights games!

As for Basketball I loved the Toronto Raptors growing up in Canada it’s pretty cool because we only have ONE NBA team so the raptors are pretty much backed by an entire country! Now that I’m out here in California the Clippers are my go to NBA team! 

I never grew up loving football but I recently found out my grandfather loved the Cowboys so that’s my go to team! Plus I have a ton of girl friends in Dallas so going to the games is really fun! 

Baseball as a Toronto Native is obviously the Blue Jays! 

As for Soccer… my dad is a huge AC Milan fan and I always support team Italy & the Netherlands for World Cup as I come from a Dutch & Italian mixed background.

SG: Other than the NBA and NHL, are there any other sports you like and/or attend?

KT: Yes I love ALL sports! Luckily I started working with Draft Kings and last year @DKLegends flew me and a few other influencers out to Boston for Brady’s first game back after deflating the balls (lol). Although I never before was a big NFL fan, after being in New England and at the Gillette Stadium, it was such an amazing experience and the fans really have such a love for the game. I feel like Football is to Americans what Hockey is to Canadians and I loved being there for the energy! Since then I went to a cowboys game and a few local LA rams & chargers games! 

SG: Now for a little bit of a juicier one, have you ever dated a professional athlete? We don’t need any names, a simple yes or no will be enough.

KT:  Yes

SG: Along those same lines, is there an athlete in any sport that catches your eye and that you have or are currently crushing on?

KT: Obviously there are good looking men who play sports but that is not the reason I love sports! I don’t watch for the men I actually love the games. Growing up with 4 brothers it’s easy to figure out why I always called myself the girliest Tom boy you’ll ever meet! 

I was once accused of watching ESPN as if it was the shopping network but I shot down that accusation really fast! It does bother me that people assume just because a good looking girl loves sports it means she’s only watching for the athletes. 

SG: There have been wild stories in sports and in sports love. There are plenty of cheerleader, football player romances. But the crazy one that really caught my eye is from last year’s Super Bowl was when pro tennis player Genie Bouchard lost a bet to a guy on Twitter and went on a date with him.

Any chance of a lucky guy on Twitter winning a date with you?

KT: Honestly I actually love approaching guys. I really don’t like being approached but I will say this… I have slid successfully into a guys dms before!

The funniest thing that has ever happened to me at a sporting event was just recently at a Clippers game in LA! My dad and I went and he’s a young, good looking guy… they tried to put us on the kiss cam THREE TIMES!!! It was so funny because the rest of the game people kept asking him “why didn’t you kiss her” and he’s like that’s my daughter!!!

Much thanks to Khloe for taking the time to do our interview and if you aren’t already following her on social media, we highly recommend you do.  Check out her Twitter and Instagram accounts