After being featured on the front page of the Washington Post and having his highlights posted on every sports website, Bronny James Jr. and his Sierra Canyon Trail Blazers have gotten yet another boost when it comes to the awareness of their squad.  

Recording artist Drake posted a selfie of him sipping on a drink on Tuesday night as he was wearing a navy blue Sierra Canyon hoodie, no doubt a nod to Bronny James Jr., Zaire Wade and the celebrity squad they have. It also got the attention of Bronny himself.

But there’s a twist. 

This has less to do with Bronny,  and more to do with Drake’s new romance.  

Another famous alumni of Sierra Canyon High is Kylie Jenner.  

Drake and Kylie have been linked since early November. 

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Now people are sure this was his confirmation.  

Heis wearing Kylie jenner’s high school sweatshirt on his IG,  she kissed the cap because the lip color supposedly matches.

Flip the Page to  see the receipts: