The relationship between marijuana and sport comes from far away, so there are many athletes who use marijuana either before or after training, at the end of the competition or just to decide during a very difficult competition. From swimming figures, athletics, mixed martial arts, there are many athletes who use marijuana regularly, a fact that does not distract them from having a successful professional career.

Who are they?

Many athletes claim that marijuana helps them fight pain after a long day of training. This can also help them reduce stress in the most difficult times of the tournament or help them relax when they have completed high-performance competitions. What we know is that Cannabis is associated with a lower body mass index (BMI), which is important for many sports activities. Some studies also support the ability of Cannabis to fight insomnia.

Michael Phelps

After 2009, several photos of swimmers inhaling marijuana that evaporated from a bong were published, controversy broke out. Maybe Michael Phelps is the best athlete in history who was caught eating Cannabis. The image traveled the world in a few hours and made it suspended from a title.

Usain Bolt

If someone has to fight with Phelps the title for the best super athlete, this will be Usain Bolt. This Jamaican man holds 8 Olympic titles and is probably the fastest person in the world. The runner himself claimed to have used marijuana during his youth, clarifying that it was common practice in Jamaica. “In Jamaica, when you were young, you learned to roll together, everyone tried marijuana, me too, when I was young,” according to the German newspaper Bid. We have seen that this does not affect his personal life at all, especially in his professional life, one of the most successful in the world.

Nate and Nick Diaz

If the Diaz brothers are known for anything, it’s because of their special fighting style in UFC mixed martial arts competitions. One of the best fights in the history of the competition, which faced Nick Diaz against Conor McGregor, who won the Diaz, will be remembered by the image of Nate Díaz who sucked on the CBD in two vaporizers at the last press conference. His brother Nick Diaz, another world sports star, was suspended for positive testing for Cannabis two years ago, although that did not stop him from taking one of the most important MMA careers in history.

Karl Anthony

The Minnesota Timberwolves star, Karl Anthony, is another athlete who consumes marijuana and has no difficulty recognizing drug marijuana use. After talking about the beneficial properties of plants, Anthony talked about the benefits of marijuana for athletes. He also talked about the benefits of this plant for his nephew who has autism. In this way, he stressed that it really helps children get better. Finally, he went on to say that marijuana in the NBA is common, even sucking it, he said, up to 80% of the players.

Derrick Morgan
In American football there are also examples of athletes who use marijuana and support the legalization of marijuana. This is the case of Derrick Morgan, a Tennessee Titans player, who in December 2017 wore special shoes for matches where you can read, in green, “rearranging Cannabis”. One can realize one of the burdens of this message in US society where marijuana is increasingly open in the medical and recreational fields.

Cannabis has now become a sexy commodity that is not merely associated with “high” and other negative effects. The athletes above have proven it!