Minnesota Viking receiver Stefon Diggs went off for a career-high 102 catches, 1,021 yards and nine scores in 14 starts in 2018. Diggs continues to prove himself to be one of the best young wide receivers in the game.

With being a young superstar comes complicated relationships.  

We’ve received this tip, claiming Diggs’ ex, Winter Blanco, has put him on blast in a Youtube confessional.  

Here are the tips below:  

And here’s her youtube confessional. 

She gives the man an alias as to not reveal his name. 

Not sure who this ‘Tre’ is she’s referring to, but our tipsters and the net seem to feel it’s the Vikings superstar receiver. 

Catching feelings can be difficult, even for a professional NFL wideout.  

Check out more pics of Stefon’s alleged ex below:  

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