Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr accused his team of taking victory for granted on Wednesday as the NBA champions slumped to an upset 129-121 playoff defeat to the Los Angeles Clippers.

“It’s been a year where things haven’t gone exactly smoothly all the time so I’m not surprised by anything, but I expected us to come out and play better and win the game,” Kerr told reporters afterwards.

“But it’s the NBA playoffs. It’s a seven-game series and you’ve got to play, and defend with some urgency. We gave up 129 points on our home floor. We weren’t right from the very beginning.

“Everything we did in LA, we didn’t do tonight. We seemed to take it for granted that we were going to be okay. But I said it before the game — this Clipper team has been scrapping and clawing all year.

“I knew they weren’t going to go down without a fight. Patrick Beverley came in and kicked our butts.”

Bottom line is, Steve Kerr is getting out coached.

Clippers are way hungrier and they play better team ball. 

This is why 3 Peating is one of the most difficult things in sports. 

Keeping these guys interested and motivated is the toughest job a coach has. 

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