The supplement industry seems like it only continues to grow with leaders in the industry like RawPowders continually innovating and new companies coming to the market all the time. With more and more consumers taking greater ownership over personal health and wellness, it makes sense that more supplement brands are creating products to meet increased demands. Of course, this also means that the market is fairly saturated. Finding the right products can be hard at times.

Whether you’re looking for new vitamins to test or you’re finally ready to give CBD oil a try, here’s what you need to know about the top supplements that are worth a second look.

CBD reigns supreme

Since the Farm Bill became law in 2018, there’s been an explosion in CBD’s popularity. These days, cannabidiol seems to be somewhat ubiquitous, popping up in supermarkets, convenience stores, and local smoke shops. This is partly because CBD makes a tempting case for itself: Users worldwide claim that CBD can help with numerous health and wellness needs. Though these claims aren’t verified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it’s telling how the CBD industry continues to grow each year.

When you’re trying CBD for the first time, you want to pick high-quality products to ensure the best possible experience. If you’re struggling to pick out a CBD oil, gummies, or topicals, you may want to visit the Bloom & Oil site ( Bloom & Oil offers CBD industry news, trend alerts, and reviews to help you make the best possible CBD decisions. Of course, before trying any product, talk to your doctor. While online reviews are helpful to a degree, you shouldn’t take them as a form of medical advice or insight.

CBD comes in numerous varieties, potencies, and forms. CBD products include oils, capsules, tablets, powders, beverages, and vaporizer cartridges. The good news is, with so many companies, you have plenty of products to test.

Multivitamin companies address multiple needs

These days, vitamin suppliers aren’t making your traditional multivitamins. While some supplement manufacturers create one-size-fits-all vitamin supplements, other suppliers follow the good manufacturing practice of crafting individualized products that address specific user needs. Some brands can even assess your genetic profile to customize a dietary supplement that hits all of your nutrient deficiencies.

Plus, supplement manufacturers can give consumers options. Previously, vitamins primarily came in tablet form. Now, you can get your daily vitamin intake in the formulation of your choosing, from liquids to powder form and everything in between.

When you’re looking at new multivitamins, it’s important to choose distributors with a good online presence. However, you shouldn’t pick vitamin supplements that over-market themselves, either. Instead, look for brands that offer a balance of costs and value, create products that are free from heavy metals and residual solvents, and include natural ingredients that you can feel good about taking.

Workout powders can help you build muscle

Supplement powders have seemingly been around forever. That’s for a good reason, too: High-quality supplements and protein powders can help you build lean muscle, improve your stamina, and push your body to its physical peak. However, not all powders are created equally. Some contain contaminants or are exposed to microbial contaminants during the production process. Others don’t pass nutritionist tests or contain too many artificial colors, flavors, and ingredients. There are even protein powders that make users feel jittery or faint. However, despite these issues, plenty of powders and protein brands create safe, effective products that can help you get in shape.

Between picking out new flavors for your protein powders or reading up on the possible benefits of CBD for the immune system, there are plenty of supplements you should keep in mind. With a bit of research (and your doctor’s go-ahead), you can try some new supplements for yourself.