The travel and tourism industry is popular among most consumers because almost everyone has used these services for relaxation or rest during vacations. Did you know that these activities can also be invested in? 

Several publicly traded firms offer travel activities for investing purposes. This is highly favorable for underlying shareholders since it helps increase their capital. 

What You Need to Know About Travel Sector Investing

The contribution of the travel and tourism industry to the global gross domestic product was nearly $9 trillion, in 2019 which made it one of the largest sectors on the planet. But that is not very surprising, considering how broad the industry is. 

The range of products and services offered by the businesses that make up this industry is huge. 

But what are the best investments in the travel sector? What products promise the most returns in the travel industry?

4 Best Ways to Invest in the Travel and Tourism Sector

  1. Hotels:

Several of the top international players dominate the hotel industry, including Marriot and Starwood hotels, and the privately-owned Hilton. 

Casino hotels are the leading players in the resort market, especially in the US and China. The hotel chains are spreading rapidly across the world. The chains also manage the properties for hotel owners in addition to providing timeshares where the rights of staying on their property are sold to consumers. 

  • Cruising:

Not many customers choose to cruise when it comes to traveling overseas or for vacation. Although the cruise line industry has been around for over a century, its popularity is not remarkably high, given that only 3.9% of the North American population has ever been on a cruise. 

But it is still quite a feasible option for investment because of the increasing capacity growth, making it a promising investment option. Carnival, the largest cruise line operator in the world has estimated that the industry will experience average annual capacity growth of approximately 6.8% through 2023. 

  • Casinos:

Casinos, similar to the casinos located in Las Vegas, are springing up in Asia very frequently. the largest gambling market in the world in Macao, one that experienced the building of humungous casino resorts from Las Vegas-based firms including Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands. 

This growth is also being observed in other parts of Asia which includes Singapore, Vietnam, and even Japan, where the entry of casinos was once restricted. 

  • Airlines:

In 2019, it was reported that airlines generated revenue of a record $838 billion. The stock market breaks down this category of the travel industry between US and European carriers. In the coming years, European companies are predicted to see significant consolidation. The pandemic turns this into an even more crucial concern. 

The Bottom Line:

Across the world, you will come across not just one but several investment opportunities in the travel and tourism industries. Considering how vast the travel sector is, there are plenty of options to choose from!