Nowadays, bookmakers are looking for different ways to increase their number of members and their income. One of the things that they do to improve those metrics is to offer incentives for people to join, such as a nice availability of sports and markets, bonuses, among other things. However, other platforms have decided to take a different approach, this is why here some of the benefits brought by the TOP betting affiliate programs from 1xBet will be discussed.

First, let’s understand what these programs are and how they can benefit people. Sportsbooks are attempting to attract more and more people to their ranks. One of the methods that they employ for this purpose is to make their name as visible as possible. This is why they want to ensure that in as many places as possible across the Internet, people can not only see the name of the platform in question, but also be able to sign up from it.

For achieving this purpose, bookmakers are looking for websites willing to add a banner in their platforms. These banners will redirect those who click it directly into the main website of the sportsbook. Once inside, they will be able to sign up if they want to. Obviously, the webmaster who hosts said banner will also get an incentive from this action, which will be explained later.

What are the benefits that all parties receive from participating in these programs

Obviously, in order for a program like this to be successful, all parties must get some kind of benefit. The TOP 1xBet betting affiliate programs from the bookmaker can bring an interesting set of incentives, which are detailed below:

  • the prospective punter gets direct access to the bookmaker, which give them the chance to win great prizes with the offered services;
  • the bookmaker gets increased revenue from the money that the punter spends in the service;
  • and of course, the webmaster gets a fixed amount depending on the clicks on the banner and the kind of deal signed with 1xBet!

1xBet has different kinds of deals available for those in partnering with them. The two most frequent ones include click-per-action or CPA and the revenue sharing or rev-share. These programs have different conditions and obligations from all parties. However, all of them can potentially give huge benefits to webmasters interested in becoming part of the 1xBet family. Everybody is more than welcome to inquire about what the bookmaker has to offer.