Tennis has a reputation for players taking complaining to the next level. The following video only reinforces this image.

Professional player/Johnny Lawrence  was playing Albert Ramos in a first-round Monte Carlo match when a French umpire called a Ramos serve “in” that appeared to be “out.” Donaldson wasn’t too happy, and had a one on one that just happened to include the entire crowd, and thanks the internet, the entire world. 

According to the UK’s Express, Donaldson called over a supervisor following an umpire warning, ending the conversation with, “[Laughs] Sorry I hurt your feelings. Oh sorry. He can call unsportsmanlike conduct for whatever?”  

This reminds me of the old days of John McEnroe. Arguing with umpires is an artform, this guy needs a lot of work. 


JD: There’s a mark there.

Umpire (pointing to the ground): Just here.

JD: Where? What are you talking about? There’s a mark right here from that ball.

Umpire: No, it was a previous point.

JD: Show me the mark, show me the mark.

Umpire: The fact is I can’t see the mark there but it was for sure on the line.

JD: There’s a mark right here (now shouts. There’s a mark right here.

Umpire: Calm down, calm down.

JD: You’re not showing me a mark. You’re not showing me one mark. Call the supervisor right now, call the supervisor right now. You’re making up a mark because you don’t like me. That’s why you’re making up a mark, because you don’t like me. There’s no mark right there.

The supervisor is then called and appears on court…

JD to supervisor: There are two marks right here.

Supervisor: Hold on.

The supervisor then speaks to the umpire…

Umpire: The serve came just on to the corner. I cannot see the mark there but the mark he is showing me is from the previous point. I couldn’t see the mark and the line judge couldn’t see it.

The linesman then comes on to court…

JD: Where? There’s clay all on the line?

Umpire: There’s the mark. He’s just showed it to you.

JD: Where? There’s no mark. There’s clay all over the line. You’ve seen a mark where there’s clay all over the line? Show me the ball mark. Outline the mark.

Umpire: He’s just shown you.

JD: Outline the ball mark.

Jared Donaldson is then given a code violation.

JD: Why?

Umpire: You know exactly why you’ve got it.

JD: Call the supervisor. Supervisor, supervisor, supervisor. I’m being treated unfairly. What did I do?

Umpire: You know.

JD: How about how you behaved to me? Supervisor, supervisor, supervisor. I can call the supervisor whenever I want.

The supervisor then returns to the court.

Umpire: I’ve just given him a warning…

JD: For what? Because I challenged a mark? Because I challenged a mark, that’s why I get given one for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Supervisor: Why?

Umpire: For being aggressive with me.

JD: [Laughs] Sorry I hurt your feelings. Oh sorry. He can call unsportsmanlike conduct for whatever?