• Carl Harper has always fantasized those big, shaped guys who generally manage to steal more attention 
  • Months after he embarked on his bulking journey, he realized his progress was unsatisfactory
  • In the attempt to grow lean muscles fast, he decided to resort to an external support 
  • He claims that a natural testosterone booster like emule-anleitung.de helped him gain leaner muscles and strength at a higher pace

Fitness does not come easy to most of us, especially when we aim some extraordinary goals for our body. Carl Harper, the 21 years old freelance photographer can testify to it who has always fantasized those hulk-like guys!

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According to him, he wanted to be one of the guys and transform his physique at the earliest. So he started gymming as soon he managed some time out from his studies. 

At start, things were pretty difficult, says Carl. He would often fall short of strength and stamina to hit the gym harder and that too, every day. 

Yet, even with all his energy and efforts in the gym, he failed to notice any bigger changes except for an insufficient change in his muscle tone and definition. Moreover, the slight gains he grew after months of his hard work were covered with fats and not clean.  

As per the fitness experts, this is something very common during the bulking cycles. In general, bodybuilders take a diet based on high protein foods. When the intake of protein increases, the body begins to save the excess ones as fat. 

They further claim by studying on WholisticResearch that testosterone is an anabolic hormone that has a substantial contribution in developing muscles, strength and fat loss. Unless the body’s inherent production of testosterone is enough to support the change, one cannot expect satisfactory results. 

Similarly, Carl was unhappy about his progress. He discussed it with his fitness coach, who suggested him a testosterone booster, TestoPrime for his regime. 

Carl believes that after incorporating TestoPrime in his fitness routine, things changed for good. From his strength to his overall growth and development of muscles, he feels that his chart begins to go high.

His story narrates as:

Hey, its Carl Harper, who was a novice bodybuilder some 6 months back. Frankly speaking, I have always loved those big duded flaunting their biceps and 6 packs in public and dreamed of becoming one of them someday. 

However, all thanks to my impulsive nature, I wanted to grow fast! Yes, by saying fast, I meant in months!
So I prepared myself for mass gaining the moment I got a break from my studies. After joining a gym and following the diet sketched by my fitness coach, I enthusiastically embarked on my fitness journey. 

In the very first two weeks, I realized I lack the level of natural strength to workout as rigorously as I should. I mean, I could see those crazy guys working out for hours in the gym. While all I could do was endure some 23-25 minutes of pressure. 

 But I continued anyway as I wasn’t keen to use any ‘shortcut’ that could potentially cause side effects to me.  

Long story short, after 3-4 months of struggle, I noticed a 2-3lb gain on a per month average. While there was a difference in my muscle definition and tone, gains were a mere disappointment. Plus, the growth was all covered with fats and would simply appear ‘raw’. 

So after much discontentment, I discussed my poor progress with my coach who suggested me to ‘do something for my testosterone levels’! 

Honestly, I was unaware of the value of testosterone and the role it has in my growth back then. To which he asked me to search about it and take TestoPrime for its production. 

Initially, I simply refused considering it some steroid but he made me understand that TestoPrime was no synthetic hormone. It was simply a formula of natural ingredients that increase the body’s power to make testosterone. 

Well, after a major research on testosterone and TestoPrime on my part, I ordered myself TestoPrime from its official website. 

In the start, say after 6 to 7 days of using TestoPrime, I felt a strange rush of energy in my veins while performing body weight exercises. Workouts that would feel like some ‘mission’ to me now felt simpler. So just like a wiser guy, I made the best use of this strength by prolonging my workouts!  

For example, I was working out for some 30-40 minutes back then. But my increasing endurance stretched it to another 20 minutes. 

Weeks passed and then a month, and much to my shock, the change was visible this time. 

As of gains, there was a solid 6-7 lbs growth in muscles but what was more inspiring was the ‘clarity in muscles’. 

Yes, my muscles appeared carved, which was an indication that my body was burning a good amount of fats.

With more faith in this natural T booster, I build another 8lbs the very next month. 

On a whole, TestoPrime is a complete thumps up for me. Other than my fitness, it helped me with a better sex drive and mental function. 

While my journey is still on, this one is helping me with the body I can pay any price for.  

TestoPrime is a powerful formula that stands strong on its claim to revive the natural Testosterone producing tendencies. It’s a fusion of Zinc, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and many essential agents that stir higher testosterone production than the usual. 

Undeniably, it’s a very inexpensive and natural method for men to increase their testosterone for better health and fitness purposes. 


There are several, quality researchers testifying the usefulness of almost every single ingredient, part of TestoPrime. 

For example:

  1. An investigation based on 27 athletes came up with some convincing findings. According to it, the everyday supplementation of ZMA for 8-weeks resulted in higher muscle stamina, physical power, IGF-1 and testosterones
  2. A research took a sample of 50 men for a study aimed to last 12 weeks. These participants were supplemented with protodioscin-enriched extract from fenugreek seeds every day. As per the results, 90% of the men experienced a growth in testosterone by 46%
  3. A randomized controlled trial in 2011 revealed that participants who took a good amount of vitamin D for everyday managed to boost their total testosterone from 10.7-13.4 nmol/L. The same study further reveals that the group supplemented with a placebo noticed little to change in testosterone at all 

Wrapping up, TestoPrime claims to enhance the production of T-levels by 47%. Considering its power-packed ingredients, response from the general users and current demand, we do believe on this assertion. However, since it is a performance enhancing substance that works by igniting the testosterone producing engines, one cannot take it as an alternate for extreme workouts and proper diets needed to either bulk up or cut down!

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