The year 2021 is dealing fine with Coronavirus as many vaccines have been made to stop COVID-19 occurrence in so many ways. You may know about the renowned Coronavirus symptoms like flu, headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc.

What if we told you Erectile Dysfunction in males might also be the discovery in COVID-19 symptoms assessment. Many studies claim that Coronavirus could lead to a long-term sexual defect in men, the sign has been detected from the testicles where they are producing a very less amount of sperm. 

At first, researchers couldn’t figure it why ED seems to occur persistently in males after they have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19. Decreased testosterone levels are one of the major reason that causes sexual abnormalities in men, along with clot formation and inflammation of the blood vessels which leads to slow progression in the blood supply. 

To make it sound easier sexually, you need a proper and uninterrupted blood supply to keep the ED issue away. 

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Link between Low Testosterone Levels and COVID-19 Severity

COVID Reddit and many recent publications from the US and other countries of the world say there is a close relation between severity in COVID-19 patients and their disease progression to which they specify low testosterone levels and inflammatory cytokines. 

Coronavirus makes an entry in the human body through the mucosal membrane where it enters the epithelial cells of alveoli with the help of Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptors Transmembrane Protease Serine 2. ACE receptors play an important part in protecting the pulmonary system and upon viral binding to the receptors disrupt the protective pathway of the lungs. ACE-2 receptors present in the Leydig cells of testes somehow affect the secretion of the testosterone hormone. 

TMPRSS2 is also known to target the androgen receptors upon which the level of this enzyme rise in many tissues. This occurrence of Transmembrane Protease Serine 2 is higher in the lungs of males than females. 

Low Testosterone Levels Promote COVID-19 Virus Entry and Up-Regulation of ACE-2 Receptor

Up-Regulation is the mode where the cells started to produce more receptors at a specific location or site. Testosterone is a sex hormone in men that also regulates multiple immune systems. In COVID-19 patients with low T-Levels, the development of severe symptoms that requires ventilation support is very possible because of the upregulation of ACE-2 in respiratory cells. This further leads to lung damage and respiratory muscle catabolism. 

As we know, men possess 7-8 times more testosterone levels than females and various studies show Coronavirus affects the male population more than it affects women. This is why the death rates of males by COVID-19 is twice that in female patients. 

The drastically low levels of testosterone in males also affect the functioning of endothelial cells negatively. This generates a faulty immune response which also affects the ability of the immune system to clear out the virus. Decreased serum testosterone levels is a dangerous sign for male patients with COVID-19 symptoms. 

Due to this testosterone deficiency in males, obesity doubles the risks of pro-inflammatory cytokines production which plays important role in cellular signaling. This will increase the vulnerability of a patient and worsen the disease itself. 

Role of Testosterone in COVID-19 Patients a Double-Edged Sword

Due to the high levels of testosterone, chances of Thrombosis also doubles which makes testosterone a double-edged sword. The low levels of testosterone are involved with serious pulmonary complications that lead to worsening the disease situation. Similarly, high testosterone levels cause Thrombosis in COVID-19 patients which is a deadly indicator. This means both high and low levels of testosterone affect the COVID-19 disease progression in men. This is indeed a very useful prognostic tool for doctors to keep such patients on special and targeted treatments. 

If a male is suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, he will have to face WORSE OUTCOMES compared to female patients. Special modes of treatments are adopted such as vaccines that target the inhibition of ACE-2 and TMPRSS2 transcriptionally. Furthermore, downregulation of TMPRSS2 is thought to lead to impaired S protein priming which inhibits the interaction between ACE-2 receptors and SARS-COV-2 and thereby blocking the viral entry. 

The treatments involved optimal pharmaco-therapeutic administration of DHEA and Hormonal Replacement Therapy options are also considered to minimize the pulmonary syndrome and COVID-19 symptoms.

COVID-19 and Low T-Levels Effects on Penis and Testicles

Long-term COVID-19 complications would lead to the damage of the erectile tissues. These tissues expand in size whenever blood supply enters them and thus results in an erection. 

In COVID-19 patients, we have seen the severe type of psychological and physiological stress being experienced by a person. High-stress levels could also lead to testosterone deficiency, while its levels subside when the symptoms are treated. Long-term loss of testosterone might also be involved with fibrosis of penile tissues which is more likely irreversible. 

Coronavirus also takes a heavy toll on the testicles. The viral entry for Coronavirus takes place with the help of a protein that is primarily available in the testes. As testicles are the primary tool for generating testosterone in men, there is a chance COVID-19 may cause testosterone deficiency right after. A low amount of testosterone in males could lead to Erectile Dysfunction as well as the following symptoms. 

  • Loss of muscle power and energy
  • Decreased libido (sex drive) 
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Damage to the blood vessels
  • Exacerbation of inflammation in the body

How to Treat COVID-19 Induced Testosterone Deficiency?

Testosterone deficiency is a common condition in men but not when they are only under 30. The levels of testosterone begin to drop when men reach a certain age, and not every man with quality testosterone cells in his body would have to deal with worsened Coronavirus symptoms. Testosterone hormone is also a solid tool for the immune system which is used to eradicate various toxins and infections from the body. The reduced t-levels during COVID-19 should be tested and treated right away. Using anabolic steroids for testosterone deficiency might be a dangerous choice. Natural testosterone boosters are available at every corner nowadays to fulfill this need. If you need a more procedural and more professional opinion you can try to look up ‘find a urologist near me’ to fulfill your needs.

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How does Mental Health help with COVID-19 Symptoms?

Individuals who have no sign of Coronavirus symptoms can experience a little mental and because of this their sex life is also affected. If you are looking to achieve a normal erection with moderate sexual activity, keep your mind clean and free from depression and anxiety. Emotions like stress and depression are very much to be heightened during Coronavirus exposure and because of this most men would have to experience ED. 

Male vs Female Deaths from COVID-19

COVID-19 mortality rate will surprise you as the published research shows 2/3rd of 45,000 deaths in the UK were amongst men. Coronavirus pandemic deaths rates in patients aged <85 years of 50.6/100,000 men in the UK while 25.5/100,000 in women. Deaths above 85 years of age occurred mostly in females in the UK than they occurred in males. 

The confirmed figure for all age groups in the USA is 43/100,000 in men and 23/100,000 in women. Apart from age, some ethnic groups are much prone to coronavirus symptoms than others. This goes with the increased risk of mortality from COVID-19 infection for:

  • Afro-Caribbean 1.9
  • South-Asian Men 1.8

Who has more risks for Coronavirus in 2021?

Older aged individuals and those who have type-2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart failure history, and COPD are all at risk. Amongst them, men are at more risk than women. 


Low testosterone symptoms and COVID-19 symptoms could unleash a plethora of known and unknown negative effects on our health. Stress and depression are the common mediators that could promote the worsening of the reproductive system and the functioning of erectile tissues in men. 

It is true the low levels of Testosterone in men make them prone to Coronavirus symptoms and for that several therapeutic options are available. DHEA supplementation and kegel exercises are amazing ways to promote the blood supply in the penile region that could lead to amazing sexual performance in men. 

Note, the male population is more susceptible than females to COVID-19 and the levels of testosterone hormone define the well-being of their physiology and psychological performance. COVID-19 hypogonadism is real and it should be told to the doctors at first sight. Lowering in sexual power and sperm generation should also be asserted to your doctors as it might be useful in COVID-19 prognosis.