It’s almost here, the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships.  This is the most prestigious boxing event of the year and, after the Olympic Games, the World Championships is perhaps the most important competition for boxing amateurs looking to make a name for themselves.

The AIBI organization recently broke down the event:

“In total, around 450 athletes from 87 countries will compete in the most important event of their boxing career in 12 days of a competitive fights. The venue for the event will be Ekaterinburg EXPO arena (capacity 5000 seats) where we will see more than 400 outstanding fights. The opening ceremony will take place in the Convention Center on September 8th in the presence of Olympic champions and World champions Oleg Saitov, Alexey Tischchenko and Egor Mekhonsev, who are the faces of the Championships.” –

With direct qualification to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, hosting the tournament there comes the prestige and pride, not to mention a real opportunity for scale and marketability.  Boasting an estimated global audience of more than 40 million don’t be surprised if this years events break a few previous records.


But where would a coliseum spectacle be without the warriors, boasting substantially more prestige than the MMA can boast with the increase of its athletes shenanigans. It’s these elite athletes that make the event one to remember.  Of particular interest  is is the previous hosts of the AIBA Championships, Germany.

As a base introduction, let’s take a look at just a few of the names filling up the roster that might be worth a second glance and certainly worth some consideration for fans of sports betting. 

1. OMAR SALAH IBRAHIM (Half flyweight)

Christos Cherakis was the favorite to be filling in the ranks for Germany in this weight class but his decision to forgo the nomination against the World Championship in order to focus on school commitments opened the door for you Omar. The 19-year-old wonder from BC Münster not only has size but also range advantages for this weight class. His record is nothing to shrug at either. In 2016 he won the Brandenburg Cup and he is a multiple German champion and quarter-finalist of the U22 European Championship 2017.

2. Murat Yildirim (Lightweight)

The 21-year-old soccer player turned champion boxer has been in the ring since he was 6 and in 2017 had a record of 145 fights with 122 victories.  His history runs strong.  In 2011 and 2012 he became the German junior champion, 2013 and 2014 the German youth champion, and in 2016 he was the German U21 champion.

In March 2017, he won the lightweight Chemistry Cup , defeating Radomir Obruśniak, Enrico Lacruz and Delante Johnson, the American favorite.  One year later, with another impressive showing, Yildirim took home the bronze medal, in the Cup.  Watch out world, Murat the machine is coming.

3. Artem Harutyunyan (Half-worldweight)

It’s no wonder that the bronze medal winner from Rio will also compete for Germany at the World Championships.  As the current “figurehead” of the German amateur boxing sport, Harutyunyan has a lot riding on his shoulders.  The refugee from Armenia, who came to Germany as a heavyweight, takes to the ring once again with coach Michael Timm.  Although Artem has shown some solid numbers he comes into the World Championship underrated causing many to call him the golden choice for an upset as a sleeper pick.

4. Abass Baraou (Welterweight)

Alongside of Artem Harutyunyan stands Abass Baraou, the German number 1 in his weight class. After winning the silver medal at the internationally important chemistry trophy in Halle in 2015, he came back, this year, with a vengeance and took home the gold. Tried, tested and true, this 22 year old has unquestionably proved that he is a force to be reckoned with internationally.  An already national sensation with his sites set on world recognition Abass is another German warrior to watch..

5. Igor Teziev (Heavyweight)

Igor Tezeiev starts for Germany in the heavyweight division, running right on the edge of the 200 lbs mark. Born in Russia and living in Germany for many years, Teziev is a beast that cannot be tamed.  It bears mentioning that much of his style and prowess stem from his intense training at the world renown Federal Base in Heidelberg.  With the memory of his bronze finish at the latest chemical cup fans are cheering for a medal upgrade at this years Boxing World Championship.