Nothing makes the crowd erupt more than a successful shot from outside the arc. Luckily, the NBA is blessed with the best 3-point shooters in the world. How many times have we watched Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson turn a game around? It’s one of the most difficult skills to master, but these players make it look easy.


According to, the two best 3-point shooters in the world play for the Golden State Warriors. However, the NBA has a large talent pool. Today, we will look at the most gifted 3-point shooters in the game right now.


Stephen Curry


Stephen Curry is arguably the best 3-point shooter of all time. The two-time NBA Most Valuable Player has made a career out of scoring from outside the arc. His ability to take the game away from the opposition has led the Warriors to three championships.


The 31-year-old point guard holds several impressive records including the NBA Finals record for most 3-pointers made during a game. Curry is also the Warriors franchise leader in 3-point field goals made. What’s more, we are expecting that trend to continue over the coming years.


Klay Thompson


The Warriors are truly blessed when it comes to 3-point shooters. As if Stephen Curry wasn’t enough, they also have Klay Thompson at their disposal. The five-time all-star holds the joint record for most 3-pointers made in a single playoff.


Like Curry, Thompson has spent his entire career with the Golden State Warriors. The Los Angeles-born shooting guard is just 29-years-old. For that reason, we expect him to lead the way at the top of the rankings for years to come. If you want to teach college players how to play, show them a tape of Klay Thompson.


Joe Harris


There are dozens of talented shooters in the game right now, but Joe Harris is our final pick. The Brooklyn Nets shooting guard is the current NBA 3-Point Contest Champion. What’s more, Harris continues to improve as the years roll by. We are expecting him to accomplish great things before the curtain closes on his career.


Can the former Cleveland Cavaliers player lead the Nets to their first NBA title since 1976? We wouldn’t rule it out. He has the ability to turn a game on its head within minutes. We are expecting the Nets to push for the playoffs this coming season with this man at the helm.