Living with pain is not at all easy. Whether it is arthritis, chronic pain, muscle spasms or regular soreness, getting a solution to deal with your pain can make a lot of difference. CBD oil has recently become one of the most popular treatment options for pain. Though CBD is not yet approved for pain, more and more users and doctors are experimenting with the pain-relieving properties of the compound. Moreover, CBD comes with an advantage over cannabis as it does not cause the feeling of ‘high’. After the 2018 U.S. Farm Fill, CBD is legally sold in a number of states. But there are so many options when you buy CBD oil for pain-relief. And finding the best ones can be confusing, especially the best weed for anxiety.  

In this post, we discuss the medical potential of CBD oil in regards to relieving pain symptoms. We also highlight some of the best CBD brands that offer high-quality, effective, affordable CBD oil products. 

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Studies have shown that cannabis can be used as an alternative for painkillers but the psychoactive effects of the compound make it uncomfortable for a lot of users. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound which can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions to reduce stress, anxiety, and inflammation as well as address pain. It is known that CBD oils can have a positive effect on pain symptoms. Though the FDA has not yet approved CBD for pain management, it has received a lot of attention. We can see featured stories and news about CBD being recommended by top practitioners and social figures for different types of pain conditions. 

Benefits of CBD Oil

Most CBD oil products available in the market today are easy to take and quite effective. You just need to put few drops under your tongue and it gets absorbed into the bloodstream through sublingual blood vessels. CBD oil is known to help with a lot of health conditions in addition to pain. A large number of people suffering from chronic stress, depression and anxiety report they experience relief after taking CBD. Moreover, many people dealing with chronic pain claim CBD oil helps them sleep better at night. 

While CBD is not yet regulated by the FDA for pain management, it has already improved the lives of millions of people around the world. 

How to Find if you Need CBD for Pain

Though there is no specific test to determine whether you should take CBD for pain, there are some basic things that everybody interested in CBD oil should know. Since these products are not yet approved by FDA, you can’t get them recommended by doctors for pain. Until the compound gets FDA-approved as an analgesic, doctors cannot prescribe them. 

So, if you want to find out if you need CBD for pain, you can ask yourself two simple questions like ‘Are you in pain?’ and ‘Do your current medications work for you?’ If the answers are yes and no, some of the best CBD oils can be a great option you can try. You will need to make a decision yourself to switch to CBD oil for pain management. However, if you are currently taking some medication, you can talk to your doctor about CBD’s interference with those drugs. 

Medical Research and CBD Oil

A number of studies have shown that CBD is effective at helping with pain management and other health conditions. For example, fibromyalgia is a painful condition which is known to respond to CBD positively. As suggested by a study, fibromyalgia patients using CBD experienced reduced pain and stiffness and enhanced relaxation and feeling of well-being. Such positive results have also been seen regarding the use of cannabidiol for other painful conditions. According to a publication, CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory analgesic. This is why cannabinoids have been approved in many countries as a pain-reliever in MS patients and pain reducers for cancer patients as well. There are abundant evidences suggesting the effectiveness of CBD and other components as a natural pain management therapy. 

Best CBD Oil for Pain Relief

While there are numerous CBD brands selling CBD oil and other products, they differ in terms of quality and hence effectiveness. There are multiple steps involved in making CBD products and this is why some products are more effective than others. It is a good idea to buy CBD oil from a company that provides third-party lab test reports on their website. This ensures that you are getting what the product labels suggest and nothing else. After all, the most important consideration when buying CBD oil is its quality and the amount of CBD per dose. You can find such info through third-party lab reports the company provides on the website. The reports also show whether the oil contains any toxins or solvents. 

One should understand that not all products are created equal. They differ significantly in terms of strength, quality and absorption in the body. One should be aware of the doses available for these products and start with the lowest dose, increasing gradually to find what works the best for pain relief or other health conditions you expect to treat with the help of CBD.