There has been a lot of argument as to whether animals benefit more, in certain sports that involve humans and animals. Some say the feeling is mutual, that both humans and animals get the same amount of satisfaction form such sports.

While others argue that humans get more satisfaction and gratification from such sports. The inclination behind this reasoning is that humans have more emotional and intellectual intelligence. Therefore they derive more joy from such entertainment and fame.

But a few distinct people feel very differently about this whole argument. And their position or stake in all of the argument is that, it is more about the bond shared between owners of the pets or animals and not the fame or accolades that come with it.  

But regardless of who is right or wrong, the truth is that animals or pets have been a huge part of our lives as humans and will continue to be.

Take horse racing for example, it is not just about the race. It is about the rider and the horse forming a unique bond. Because until they are both in sync, both mentally, emotionally and even (some will say) spiritually. They won’t be at their best. 

And to further drive home the point, let’s take a look at the racehorse called snow white that had exceptional wins with her rider. If you watch the documentary of snow-white, you will begin to understand, that both humans and animals alike are capable of forming very strong emotional bonds even unto death.

For more information on horse racing see the infographic below by Umbingo