Football is a popular sport that millions of peoples have loved all over the world. There are football players as well as football fans in every country in the world. There are also dozens of football leagues around the world. The major football leagues are viewed by millions of football fans across the world. Football is, no doubt, a multi-billion dollar industry that is gaining popularity and sponsorship every day. In many countries, football is generally referred to as soccer.

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                                 The Top Five football Leagues 

These are major football leagues that fans loved to follow because of several factors like official ranking and popularity. These leagues offer fans great action and entertainment. The best five football leagues around the world in no particular order are presented to you below.

ü English Premier League

ü Series A

ü La Liga

ü Bundesliga

ü Major League Soccer


English Premier League (EPL) is a top-tier league in England with many famous clubs such as Chelsea,  Manchester United, Liverpool,  Manchester City, Arsenal, etc.

Many of the world’s best footballers play in the English Premier League. Some of the favourite football players in the English premier league are David Silva, Robin Van Persie, Sergio Aguero, Wayne Rooney, Tim Howard, and Clint Dempsey.

It begins in August and concludes in May of the following year, giving almost a year of great action and entertainment. The season is usually filled with great actions, skills, and surprises.

Football fans can watch the English Premier League matches wherever they are worldwide because it is being broadcast on international satellite channels. Fans in America can watch their favourite club matches on NBC Sports.

Italian Serie A

Serie A is the top Italian football league. It has the best clubs in Italy, including AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, and a few other famous football clubs.

It has some of the best footballers globally, including Gianluigi Buffon, Wesley Sneijder, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Daniele De Rossi, Ricardo Kaka, and Michael Bradley.

The Serie A season begins in September and ends in May the following year.

Football fans worldwide love to watch Series A league matches because it is filled with great actions, skills, and thrills. League matches are broadcast to fan all over the world on international satellite channels.

Spanish La Liga

Spanish La Liga is the top Spanish football league that started in the late 1920s. La Liga is well known because of two great clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, who have dominated this league and other club matches in Europe.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have the best footballers globally, such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. In the 2011–2012 league season, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo break the league record by having the highest number of goals in a season.

Barcelona has won the championship in La Liga 25 times while Real Madrid has won the championship 33 times.

League matches are broadcast to fans all across the world on international satellite channels.

German Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is the major football league in Germany which started in 1963. it has a great fan base with an average of 45,000 fans per game during the 2011–2012 league season.

Bayern Munich has dominated this league, which has won the championship six years in a row. The Bundesliga has world-class players such as Huntelaar,  Robben, Ribery, and many more. The league season starts in August and ends in May of the following year.

League matches are broadcast all over the world so that fans can have the opportunity to watch them wherever they are.

American Major League Soccer

Major league soccer is the top soccer league in America. It was created about 20 years ago. However, the league does not have many notable players when compared to the European league. It has famous players like Thierry Henry, Robbie Kean, David Beckham, and a few others.

Unlike most European leagues, the major league soccer season starts from March through November. Major league soccer has witnessed a fast increasing fan base and new, custom-built soccer stadiums all over the country.

Major League Soccer is one of the top leagues every football fan should follow because it has evolved considerably in the last decade. The league matches can be watched on international satellite channels.