Cristiano Ronaldo is a footballer known for his actions both on and off the field. He creates interest and attention wherever he goes, and his current home is in Italy, where he plays club football for Juventus. 

Ronaldo brought success to the club in his first season there, winning the Italian title with them and this season he is looking to add more. Can Juve win the Italian title again? What about the Champions League, the reason he was signed by them? If you think the Portuguese star can do it then there are a range of bookmakers and betting offers at who will take your wager. 

Off the field, success follows Ronaldo around and over the years he has found himself with some very hot girlfriends. Here is a look at the top 7 girlfriends or women he has been linked with during his career. 

7. Mirella Grisales

Mirella was one of the girlfriends Ronaldo dated who was also in the sports industry. She was a journalist at the time and later went on to be the chief sports editor for Spanish media company Telemundo. 

6. Bipasha Basu

While playing in England during the 2007 season, Ronaldo was grabbing the headlines both on and off the field. On top of a fantastic goal scoring season he was also seen with Bipasha Basu, who is a star on the Bollywood scene herself, although she did go on to deny that anything serious happened between the pair. 

5. Melanie Martins

Melanie Martins has been in the spotlight in her own right as a finalist of the Miss Universe competition. She also made the news when she was seen with Cristiano Ronaldo on many occasions back in 2005. The pair are said to have dated and done a lot of travelling during their time together. 

4. Sophie Reade

It was 2009 when Cristano Ronaldo met Sohpie Reade, a glamour model and previous Big Brother contestant. It was during the peak of his time at Manchester United when Ronaldo first saw Reade, at a Christmas party held by the club. Reports suggest that Ronaldo was interested in Reade, but when approached she declined his invitation. 

3. Cassandre Davis

In more recent years, Ronaldo has been spotted with a number of different women, although true facts about their relationships have been hard to come by. One woman in the news was Cassandre Davis, who was snapped on holiday with Ronaldo in Florida. The model and footballing star looked very close when being spotted by paparazzi. 

2. Georgina Rodriguez

Madrid based beauty Georgina Rodriguez is another to link arms with Cristiano Ronaldo during his time in Spain. However, he clearly wanted to keep this relationship a secret. When spotted out with Rodriguez in France, Ronaldo was disguising himself by wearing a wig and sunglasses, although the eagle eyes paparazzi still managed to get shots of the couple. 

1. Irina Shayk

The beautiful Irina Shayk was a woman that was side by side with Cristiano Ronaldo in a relationship for five years, and one that it appeared he could settle down with. However, the Russian discovered pictures and tests on Ronaldo’s phone to other women during their relationship, and that would lead to them splitting up shortly afterwards.